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Daily vehicle transition from Osmangazi Bridge reaches 21 thousand

Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Arslan, quo; Osmangazi Bridge 39; The daily average of 21 thousand vehicles are transitivity. quo; he said.

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Daily vehicle transition from Osmangazi Bridge reaches 21 thousand

Minister of Transport, Maritime and communications Ahmet Arslan, os Mangazi Bridgeof this year's 9-month period, approximately 5 million 753 thousand vehicles, pointing to crossing, daily average vehicle crossing has reached 21 thousand reported.

"If you compare with guarantee number, we are six, compared to 11-12 thousand with starting figures, point we come today is very important," Arslan said.

In transport projects carried out by YAP-Operate-Devret (Yid) model, average of one-year transitions is calculated, if guarantee number is not reached, difference between contractor or company is paid In feasibility of bridge, Arslan noted that car crossing guarantee was not foreseen until third year. Arslan, along with Osmangazi Bridge of project, 300 of motorway, 133 connections roads, including a total of 433 kilometers, distance to Izmir, he recalled.

Arslan, Bursa-Izmir Kemalpasa line of project will end at end of next year, stating, "This path is already complete, it means to create additional traffic. You increase comfort of people's travel, reduce time, and grow industry in that area. This also means that re is an investment in those regions, additional traffic due to fact that bridges, highways and connection roads will be created, depending on additional traffic, number of vehicles crossing both highways and bridges would increase considerably. Our feasibility is already predicting it. "

Minister Arslan, in this kind of projects to facilitate life of drivers and passengers and increase comfort of industry, as well as aiming to pave way of industrial, continued:

"The land prices have risen three times," The news is being made. The plot prices don't stop and increase three times, so project has facilitated people's access. That's why people want to live re actively. Secondly, investment in those areas has been opened in front of industry. There was no need for investment, due to difficulty of moving mammoth to future raw material that was made yesterday, due to se projects today economic. Because it is economical, investments are being invested, and price of land re is increased by 3 times. My special recreation is that people don't jump. It is a very important indication that even price of land need to increase housing price, because we are providing easy access to approximately 25 million people on this route. "

"Istanbul to Izmir in 3 hours"

This motorway has reduced travel time between Istanbul and Bursa to 45 minutes-1 hour, journey of Gebze is not even 45 minutes, Arslan said, 3 hours from Istanbul to Izmir can be reached.

Arslan, which is not number of transitions of vehicles, but growth of region industry, stating that "collected taxes serve in Kars, Hakkari. We are occasionally criticized; ' The difference is that it emerges from pocket of his own, Hakkarin, Sinopia, Mermerinin. ' No, added value that it creates is going to go re as a service, it should not be skipped, "he said.

Osmangazi Bridge and Connection roads, if vehicle is not passed, amount of money payable to firms due to guarantee of annual 750 million dollars, Arslan, business figures reported that taxes will be deducted.

He stressed that sometimes unfair criticism was made in subject, Arslan noted:

"Despite passing of such a vehicle, rumors are being paid for 1.5 to 2 billion pounds per year. I'm sorry, but when we do this type of project, we reveal this. This is a need, is needed. Is re any chance we can do this today? Because possibilities are limited and you are making a split path to all over country, you are taking service. Then we take advantage of private sector dynamics by engaging in alternative finance methods, public-private cooperation. We do business fast and high quality. We say, "no money," and we're doing it today, that our people will benefit from blessings of world for 25 years. Second method, you owe, you get credit, you pay for that loan. We say instead; Public-private sector cooperation is an exemplary application that we are very successful. The world is taking samples from us. The last citizen pays, added value that bridge creates around country is gaining more than that. "

"10.5 billion dollars were obtained from business in aviation"

The aviation sector also stated that similar criticisms were made, Arslan, number of guarantees paid to date from this sector was 40 million, while guarantee was 410 million dollars.

Arslan underlined that amount gained from transfer of business right in aviation sector was $10.5 billion, "we had to think 15 years ago, to be able to borrow 300-500 million dollars at IMF's door, we were standing in hands of a claw. Those days we made 10.5 billion dollars from business of airport with model. We will also gain serious revenues due to transfer of business right after operation period is over on bridges and highways. With those revenues, we will provide more than 80 million services. This size of job should not be overlooked, "he said.


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