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Damenhafter Disposal

Carolyn McCall submits to her farewell at the cheap airline easyjet not so good figures before--especially the kerosene was more expensive than expected. Now she goes to the ü ck, where she came from, in the media area. Other personal details: Marco Fuchs and Ghostface Killah.

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Damenhafter Disposal
New goals (Photo: Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters)

Carolyn McCall, 56, still easyjet boss, is adopting balance sheet figures that are better than expected. At end of year, manager leaves low-cost airline to lead British private TV ITV. On Friday, easyjet announced that, in fiscal year until end of September, before taxes 405 to 410 million pounds profit had to be achieved. This is one sixth less than last year, but recently easyjet had warned that even a fall of 380 million pounds was possible. The crash of pound price increases dollar-traded kerosene for group, which has its headquarters at London-Luton Airport.

McCall explains in communication on annual figures that easyjet can benefit from bankruptcies in industry. The out for rivals Air Berlin, Alitalia and Monarch offer "favorable opportunities to grow and continue to improve our position at Europe's major airports". EasyJet wants to take over parts of short-haul business of Air Berlin. Machinery and landing rights of British company Monarch are also interesting for group.

McCall has been leading easyjet since 2010. The airline was notorious for many delays and lousy service. McCall had no experience in industry; She had been publisher of The Guardian newspaper for four years. The manager made herself a picture, flew several times a week with easyjet, spoke with passengers. Finally she got problems in grip. Since taking office, share price has tripled. For ir services to aviation, Carolyn McCall was raised to lady. Now she's pulling her back into media business.

Andrew Finke

Mister Galileo (Photo:)

Marco Fuchs, 55, CEO of Bremen Space company OHB, can score in exchange with US investor Guy Wyser-Pratte, 77, points. The family group has won anor order from European Commission for construction of satellites for Galileo navigation system. After OHB had received contract for eight Galileo satellites only in June, order for four furr units of project was now followed. OHB is thus building 34 Galileo satellites, including some replacement equipment. The European counterpart to GPS system is designed for 30 satellites and 18 are already in orbit. Wyser-Pratte had accused Fuchs in meantime of three letters that OHB leadership was too intransparent and not prepared for booming space market. He had also criticized fact that OHB had made a million penalty payments in connection with Galileo delays. This has at least not had a negative effect.

Jeff Sürig

In Kryptogeld frenzy (Photo:)

Ghostface Killah, 47, member of Wu-Tang Clan and rap superstar since early nineties, joins ranks of veteran seniors of genre, who as entrepreneurs and investors are talking about. Dennis Coles, as he is called with a bourgeois name, has just founded a company for digital currencies and he wants to collect 30 million dollars. The plan is to make digital currencies "more readily available to public" than ever before, "denounce Dennis Coles and his business partners by press release. With digital or crypto like Bitcoin, a lot of money is currently being implemented. Coles apparently does not want to miss trend. His new company has most promising name "Cream Capital", an allusion to famous song "C. R. E. A. M" by Wu-Tang-Tang Clan of 1994. That was time for "cash rules everything around me", cash dominated everything around me. Just that C today stands for "crypto".

Jan Willmroth

Staff of Week

Illustration: Stefan Dimitrov


... is meteorologist because he predicted brutal storm "Xavier" quite accurately. There were casualties and damage to property-but without reliable wear forecast, much more seriousness would probably have happened.


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