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Deception of Colau

The mayor all confused and in violation of the decision of the founding of his party against the 1-Or

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Deception of Colau

The mayor were all confused and in violation of decision of founding of his party against 1-Or

In championship for antijuricidad, breakdown of democracy and abrogation of Catalan autonomy, which is played by leaders of procés, mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, has rushed for evil.

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Colau points to referendum that his people still rejected yesterday. It does so by back door. Breaks commitment of his party. Violates desire of majority of ir constituents. Locks a covenant fraudulent —and that secret, when it boasted of its extreme transparency!— with president of Catalan government, Carles Puigdemont, to cede to him management of local municipal circumventing criminal responsibility by staff, which seem to assume alone Government. Puts his personal safety. Is this courageous Colau who was rowing against tide?

At least Puigdemont and his vice-president, Oriol Junqueras, as executioners of Estatut (repealed illegally in a self-parliamentary) have expressed openly ir purposes breakthrough and cheating have been committed in methods. But Colau has been hidden and led to deception.

In dawn of procés, voted yes to secession in consultation of 9-N 2014, but only, he said, to protest. Then he promised to comply with law. The founding assembly of his party (Catalunya in city council), in April, claimed responsibility for a type of referendum would be effective, with guarantees, binding and acceptable by international community.

It ruled in July ( Venice Commission of Council of Europe) government was incompetent to convene and refore contradicted law. And parliamentary group of Catalonia and yes that is a pot, where y make up common or commoners, was more blunt in denouncing repeal of Estatut and Constitution to deny rights to opposition in vote express of laws of disconnection, without time limits or legal, and irrespective of control of Consell de Garanties Estatutàries.

Meanwhile, Colau flirted politically with secessionist, pretending that protected both right to vote (at liberty, says, " when re is no legal guarantee no!) and its officials. And its people of confidence is desentendían of ir responsibility by appealing to bases.

y Did this in a query too torticera comes to scam. Triple. First, y obscured issue by not inquirirles if y wanted to, or not to vote in a consultation on illegal, but if y wanted to “participate in mobilization of 1-Or —what is mobilization, if re is only one vote, and suspended?—, and until end of count did not say that to mobilize was to vote. Second, because electors of Colau are, in two thirds, contrary to independence, and support to move was only 59,39%. And third, because y have decided to just 3,000 in affiliates, less than 50% —44%— and without a quorum of participation. The result tries to give some semblance of social legitimacy to operation secessionist of destruction of coexistence. Bravo.

This sad assembly serves to Ada Colau pull stone out of your role while you hide hand. But it is a stone against your roof of credibility, and that of his party. A record of so many deceptions just what had been achieved up until now in Europe, ultras of Brexit.

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