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Defeat of the ISIS in Iraq

The victory over the jihadism of the forces of Baghdad does not SIGINIFCA the end of the war with terror

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Defeat of the ISIS in Iraq

The official proclamation of victory over Islamic State (ISIS) carried out by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi could go beyond a rhetorical statement. It reflects, if facts confirm it, success of a formula to combat greatest threat that still looms over Middle East, North Africa, and Western Europe.

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Not so long ago, in 2014, ISIS controlled one-third of Iraq's territory, almost anor of Syria and was just a few kilometres from Baghdad in what seemed like an unstoppable advance. Their effective propaganda machinery worked on a global scale thanks to invincibility aura of ir combatants and regional — and global powers — seemed not to know what strategy to simply follow to contain extent of jihadism.

Iraq has been demonstration that various local forces — in this case Iraqi army and Kurdish forces — coordinated against a single enemy, duly trained and supported by countries around world — including Spain — with greater military power have Able to regain lost ground and end a situation that threatened to return to a strategic region of planet to Middle Ages.

It is advisable not to be carried away by triumphalism, however, because Iraq is a step forward in a large-scale conflict that still remains open on three fronts. The first, in Iraq itself, where its army and population must now prepare for indiscriminate attacks of jihadist bags that have not yet been reduced. The second is in areas of Middle East and Africa where Islamic State and related organizations continue to be rampant. The third in rest of world, where jihadism continues to try to strike as apparently happened in new York yesterday. The war, unfortunately, is not over.

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