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Democracy will prevail

The elections will return to Catalonia the voice that denies Puigdemont

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Democracy will prevail

The Declaration of Independence adopted by plenary of Catalan Parlament has unleashed most serious constitutional crisis that has faced Spanish democracy in its forty years of existence. The destabilizing capacity of current situation exceeds that which was coup d'etat of 1981 or terrorism. The threat that this declaration of independence projects on our democracy does not originate in Unreason of a few exalted, but in something of such gravity as that a government and autonomous Parliament, in addition to rising against constitution, encourage a Popular insurrection and, moreover, call upon international community to recognize its unilateral rupture.

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At Almparo of article 155 of Constitution, Senate, at behest of Government of nation, and with support of Partido Popular, PSOE and citizens, has approved launching of a series of measures, including cessation of Govern and dissolution of Parlament , aimed at restoring constitutional legality. and has done so, in a legal and transparent way, by a clear and legitimate majority of 214 senators: just opposite of what we have seen in a Parlament submitted, again, to a embarrassing spectacle, including a patic secret ballot where secessionists have not achieved, with its 70 votes, to reach even threshold of qualified majority necessary to reform Statute of Autonomy.

Secessionism has consummated its farce as it has always done: skipping rules and crushing minorities in its path. It is regrettable that traditional representatives of Catalanism, which has brought to Catalonia its best years, have been thrown into arms of an antisystem and anti-european force as CUP. This strange coalition, swollen of populism, has preferred, rar than recognizing failure of its project and its internal tensions to throw itself into a conflict with state.

At this moment of extraordinary gravity re is no doubt, hesitation or Equidistancias

The measures provided for in article 155 do not represent aggression, self-government or rights and liberties of Catalans. On contrary, y are legitimate and necessary response of rule of law to challenge posed by irresponsible and reckless political leaders who have decided to rise up against Constitution and Statute of Autonomy.

There is no greater vileness, and so we have seen it in last few years day after day, that we fraudulently serve institutions to degrade and annul m. Therefore, in addition to political actions that government has already put in place, it is imperative to demand that justice acts with all rigour against people who have starred, knowingingly and conscientiously, this regrettable declaration of independence.

Spanish democracy will succeed in restoring self-government institutions to Catalonia

We are in a moment of extraordinary gravity before which re can be no doubt, hesitation or Equidistancias. The past actions, errors or omissions that can contribute to explain history of this painful situation, which surely will be many and varied, now pass a second plane. Because decision to declare independence on part of governs chaired by Puigdemont and parliamentary groups of Junts PEL Yes and CUP, is an aggression of so enormous caliber to democracy that with so much effort has been made to build in this country , that only thing left to Democrats is, after showing ir regret for such a free blasting of coexistence, act with utmost diligence and efficacy to restore constitutional order immediately.

The state, because it acts in name of citizens and democracy, can and must succeed in this task, and must do so in a clear and self-confident manner. On path that begins now, as delicate as it is difficult to complete, re is no doubt about validity of Constitution and future of coexistence. The Government has support of all citizens who want to continue living in a democracy that deserves such a name, in addition to support of international community and its European partners, who have repeatedly shown ir solidarity and concern In face of senseless attempt to force a unilateral separation from Spain. Spanish democracy, with support of all, will prevail. And it will be able to return institutions of self-government to Catalans.

With dissolution of Parliament and electoral advancement to December 21 Rajoy does what he should have done Puigdemont but did not dare. It certifies that use of article 155 does not restrict rights of parliamentarians or citizens who elect m and obtains support of Democrats within Spain and throughout Europe. And it opens way for a swift, legal and legitimate resolution of crisis in accordance with democratic principle of vote that some wanted to escape.

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