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' Digital Precariouss ' are organized to defend their labor rights

Unions say that it is not a question of creating new standards but of applying the existing

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' Digital Precariouss ' are organized to defend their labor rights

The food delivery company at home Deliveroo closed last Thursday an agreement with three riders — in terminology of this British company that in four years has expanded to more than 150 cities in a dozen countries — protesting against a " A fraudulent commercial link with company to try to hide a relationship of purely labour nature. The pact with company prevented celebration of trial, but Deliveroo is facing next January to a similar demand from anor 12 Barcelona repartitioners.

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Deliveroo says he wants to offer his more than 1,000 riders "certainty" on his status as self-employed workers. "And at same time preserve flexible and well-paid work y desire", in words of a company spokesperson. Anor vision has Víctor Sánchez, one of creators last summer of riders for Rights, Association in defense of Ciclomensajeros that has emerged in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza. Sánchez denounces that after ten months of work, company gave him nothing more to learn that he had created association.

"The Ciclomensajeros have more than proven that we are false self-employed." If we really were, we could not be punished for not working certain days, taking vacations or participating in protests, he says. Deliveroo's departers also starred in summer strikes to claim better salaries and, above all, ensure a minimum day of 20 hours.

This is not a unique problem of this company. The Glovo, Amazon or Ubereats. The Uber drivers. Home cleaners of platforms like Wayook or Clintu. All se companies that enjoy brightness of modernity use mobile applications to connect clients with workers with whom a relationship is established as tenuous as possible and can be terminated with a simple message by WhatsApp or Telegram.

"It is urgent to define situation of se workers." It is clear that y are not self-employed: y are absolutely dependent on digital companies y work for. After this precariousness hides very difficult situations, "says Ruben Ranz, coordinator of, web that UGT wants to lend a hand to workers of se platforms.

Created last September, web has already received 124 requests for information and/or assistance. The Union is committed to responding to those interested within 24 hours, respecting most absolute anonymity. The union numbers in 10.4 million number of users of se services in Spain, but due precisely to precariousness and lack of records that denounce, it is impossible to know how many workers have se digital platforms. The most that dares to assert Ranz is that figure will be "several tens of thousands of people." Aware of difficulty of reaching se new types of jobs with traditional tools of trade union world, UGT experiments with new tools to access se new workers.

Judgment against Uber

The more than 50,000 drivers that Uber has in UK received strong support at end of October, when a London court ruled that company should treat drivers as workers, with full labor rights, such as minimum wage or payment of Holiday. Uber, on contrary, argued that he did not hire anyone, but merely put people in contact with desire to be transported with drivers. Just knowing news, Uber announced that it would appeal a sentence that, if definitive, would cause a turnaround in its cost structure.

The company had already been compelled by US justice to agree to a $100 million compensation for its drivers in California and Massachusetts to accept to continue quoting as self-employed. Deliveroo, for its part, highlights recent judgement of Central Arbitration Committee of United Kingdom, which endorsed its idea that its riders are autonomous, as company maintains.

The UGT trade unionist does not claim legislative changes, but rar to apply existing rules. "Legislation defines very well what is an autonomous and what a wage earner." And we have to apply those rules. The labour Inspectorate or Social security should act as a trade, continues Ranz.

Victor Sánchez, promoter of riders for rights, has spent se months by or companies of distribution; And now he's working in a Burger King. "Many companies have realized advantages of false freelance, and this figure is spreading." Imagine what my previous conditions were, that burger now seem good to me, ironically on or side of phone.

Brussels studies improving coverage of se employees


The European Commission considers collaborative economy as a source of potential growth and job creation. But Brussels is no stranger to a growing number of se workers escaping framework of Community protection. The European Executive studies reforming directive that regulates written work contracts to improve coverage of that collective, largely formed by young people, and to curb insecurity and excess of labor flexibility, which would imply an increase Of costs for se platforms.

The European Parliament has warned in recent months of need to improve protection of se workers. His Committee on Employment expressed concern about lack of coverage for possible accidents, for example, of Deliveroo's bicycle delivery workers. He also criticized that companies only pay for work done, and do not contemplate periods such as vacations and sick leave. Among negative effects for se workers are precariousness, stress caused by dependence of valuation of clients, scarce margin with which y are advised (in some cases to realize, for example in case of Uber, that y have lost (client), absolute availability that hinders family reconciliation or lack of breaks.


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