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Dignity and immigration

Interior should outline as soon as possible the model of attention to foreigners in an irregular situation

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Dignity and immigration

The living conditions of immigrants in irregular situations are not a priority for Spanish governments. The test is in improvisation that has dominated more than twenty years of migratory pressure. Next year will be built in Algeciras a building designed for first time to house m while procedures for ir expulsion are resolved. The seven ICD (Foreigners ' internment center) now had a different function.

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The first data from this new center in Algeciras — model for future — indicate that it will improve conditions of present. It will have recreational areas, nursing, zones divided according to sex, nationality and religion and communication room, among or advantages. The new model, however, requires greater precision, which should come from hand of open and constructive negotiation between political forces. It is essential to also set up an adapted management model. ICN are closed centres, but ir inhabitants are not criminals and need special attention. The proposal of Interior minister himself to create a body of specific civil servants is on right track.

The presentation is produced — surely not by chance — a week after collapse of CIE leads to internment of almost 500 immigrants in future prison of Archidona (Málaga). They urge a new model and new facilities. Compromís and we can have criticized project by crossing CIE from "covert prisons" and clamoring for an open door policy.

This is all part of a deeper and European-wide debate. At moment, our democracies have opted to limit immigration and penalize irregular inflows. As long as se policies do not change, all that means bringing greater dignity to temporary stay of foreigners is good news.

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