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Discriminating against women is a low-cost practice

The world today continues to exclude, Infrarremunerando and underutilized half of the talent available

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Discriminating against women is a low-cost practice

Any form of discrimination, also of inequality in distribution of income and wealth, has proved to be an obstacle to growth, as well as to necessary political and social stability. Empirical observation is rich in rigorous contributions, before and after crisis unleashed in 2007. Evidence now increases with respect to discrimination against women at work. Among various institutions that have put on table work endorsing previous statement is World Economic Forum (WEF). Discrimination remains in force in many countries, some considered advanced 100 years after women conquered suffrage and half a century after United States (in 1963) declared wage discrimination against women illegal. Today, in 82 of 144 analyzed by that institution has increased inequality of opportunities between men and women. The world today continues to exclude, Infrarremunerando and underutilized half of available talent.

Great injustice, but also great economic awkwardness. Similar studies reveal that if re were greater inclusion, GDP would grow at a higher rate, with levels of unemployment equally lower than current ones. In many college careers women's performance is better than men's. In not a few professions, valuations before knowing gender of evaluated ones are favorable to women, but salary recognition or final position that ends up occupying in functional structure of a company changes when knowing that it is woman. This unequal perception once known gender is common to many countries. Of course Spain. The road ahead is considerable: wage gap is 15% and trebles existing one in or EU countries, such as Italy. (a) Wage inequality is compounded by women with a greater number of unremunerated jobs than men, such as those performed in household chores or in care of persons, apart from or factors of vulnerability and abuse, such as those in Last few weeks we are experiencing suffering from women. To equal work positions, wage discrimination of women in Spain is highest in countries studied in Global Gender Gap report 2017, occupying position 122 º. Such discrimination coexists with a marked equality in that same classification in educational endowments of women and men at all levels of education. At highest level of business functions, discrimination is also a reality: only 16% of positions on boards of directors of Spanish listed companies are occupied by women.

From an economic perspective, conclusion can be no or than manifestation of a significant part of human capital being wasted. Restrictions, more or less explicit biases contrary to hiring of women coexist with insufficiently binding regulations. Without significant alterations in observed trend, it will be necessary 118 years, estimates WEF, before women have same career prospects as men. Companies have in ir hands to implement policies that eliminate discrimination. But also or institutions, including governments.


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