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Do you know who says he's a president?

Trump insists on telling jokes although nobody laughs at them and is that misused humor is never funny

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Do you know who says he's a president?

In 1929 Otfrid Förster, a German neurosurgeon, was operating from a tumor to a patient when he — things of little anessia of time — reacted by starting to tell bad jokes without stopping. Since n, re have been documented cases of same proceeding from medical science. So many, re is a medical condition called Witzelsucht syndrome, also known as joke disease. Those who suffer from it cannot avoid constantly saying things that are supposedly funny and often add a sexual content that makes people who are around do not know where to get in.

Obviously you don't have to suffer from Witzelsucht's syndrome so that you have similar things to happen. Those who often speak in public know that worst thing y can do is to start releasing words before y think, not knowing where ir speech takes m. Tell a blunders expert: Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. For example, last year he tried to pay homage in Parliament to a colleague who retired and praised his "biting wit and fun." To illustrate it he told a joke he did during a meeting about "wet dreams." Nobody laughed in camera. And something even worse happened: Abbott Carcajeóed himself.

This week Donald Trump received a group of Navajo Indians among whom were three veterans of Second World War whose role was crucial in communications of fight in Pacific against Japanese. Back n, United States desperately sought a communications system that Japanese could not decipher. They found it in language spoken by this tribe — which owes its current name to Spanish conquistadors — which guaranteed that issued orders were incomprehensible to enemy. Preparing intervention a little — and it was enough for president to see Windtalkers with Nicolas Cage — representative could have been lucid.

And indeed, Trump wore off. As if he suffered disease of joke was unable to resist to make an association of type are you Russian? I really like Russian salad and polvorones of steppe. Since he was talking to a group of Indians he quoted Pocahontas and took opportunity to get into Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren saying that y call her. It's actually Trump only one who calls her that. The Navajos put a face on Japs listening to Navajo. In end only one who was amused by joke was one who pronounced it.

Says comedian and editor of Cracked, Chris Bucholz, that when public does not laugh a joke can be for four reasons: you've heard it before; It does not have enough information to understand it; It is not right audience; Or it's just something that no one will ever laugh at. The current President of United States seems to have specialized in this last category of jokes. Maybe in end you'll learn that laughter won't start. They give away.

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