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Does Barcelona lose its editorial capital?

For the first time there is more anticipation by the attendees to the planet party than by their winner

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Does Barcelona lose its editorial capital?

As a breaking marriage, bitter ritual of moving from divorce to reality begins. This is mine and this is yours, who takes wedding gifts, photo album and who children are with. Times of bankruptcy also sentimental because, although we talk about numbers, behind m re are efforts, emotions, damage and lost values. Especially when re is no agreement, but abandonment.

We are seeing it with publishing industry, in which transfer of planet Group to Madrid is, in addition to prelude to or movements of sector, a blow of high emotional content in addition to economic. Planeta is first publishing group in market American and seventh from all over world, with a turnover of 3.3 billion euros annually, and its transfer will tilt scale of editorial production from Barcelona to Madrid. The second group, Bertelsmann Penguin Random House, will follow steps if independence occurs, says Carles Geli in country. The avant-garde adds to Salamander and asteroid books, as well as some agencies. No one wants to operate outside European Union and damage its accounts and those of its authors with more tariffs and legal insecurity.

The Barcelona that embarked on a path of renovation and expansion with games of 1992, which got roles of Salamanca during government of Zapatero, which houses unique art collections as several stages of Picasso, which has retained its architecture Emblematic with vigor and which has been country's editorial capital, it faces a sad cultural heading for vigor that represented fusion of its intellectual and industrial idiosyncrasies. Bad news.

For reasons or than independence, but who knows if related to deconcentration that Catalan institutions can suffer in times of Monotopic, Beatriz de Moura has bequead se days historical archive of Tusquets to National Library of Spain. It was offered before to one of Catalonia, without obtaining answer for months. Before it was agency Carmen Balcells, which in his case sold his to Ministry of Culture. The signs of loss of prominence of Gran Barcelona are added to or ballasts such as tourism, banking or business.

This Sunday, it will probably be first time we go to feast of Planet Prize with a shrunken heart not by who will be lucky one, but to know if re will be any state authority with Catalan. The Kings, vice president and some ministers have been habitual — culture is only one that "possibly" will go, without confirming yet — and we may even be missed by Revilla. As we will miss vital, dynamic and expansive Barcelona that opens arms and attracts benefits for all. and is that, although divorce for moment has been content and Rajoy has required Puigdemont to explain ir intentions, economic and cultural actors begin to interpret that coexistence in this House is broken.

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