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Domestic demand increased

According to the first 9 months in Turkey, the automobile market decreased by 3 percent, while the light commercial vehicle market increased by 2 percent. In this period the total market was sold 627 thousand 343 vehicles with a contraction of 1.44 percent. The imported German car brand Volkswagen was the third after Renault and Fiat, which was manufactured in Turkey.

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Domestic demand increased

The total market of automobile and light commercial vehicles in Turkey was 1.44 per cent at same period last year in year of 2017, and 627 thousand 343, respectively. According to a statement from Association of Automotive Distributors (odd), Turkey automobile and light commercial vehicle sales, which took place at 636 thousand 499 levels in January-September 2016, decreased by 1.44 per cent during same period of this year and declined to 627 thousand 343.

Car crashed commercial vehicle increased

The automobile market decreased by 2.6 percent in same period and fell to 476 thousand 621. Last year, 489 thousand 365 cars were sold in 9 months. The light commercial vehicle market, which was sold 147 thousand 134 in 9 months of last year, rose to 150 thousand 722 in January-September period of 2017 with a 2.44 percent increase.

  • Total market grew by 6 percent
  • The automobile and light commercial vehicle market took place in September of this year as 71 thousand 352. 67 thousand 593 vehicles sold 2016 percent of total market grew by September, 5.56. In September, car sales increased by 4.06 per cent to 53 thousand 423, according to same month of 2016. Last year, 51 thousand 340 cars were sold in September. The light commercial vehicle market was 10.31 per cent of same month of year 2017 in September, with a growth of 17 thousand 929. In September 2016, 16 thousand 253 light commercial vehicles were sold.

2 thousand 746 hybrid cars sold

As of end of September of this year, car sales decreased by 3.1 percent in range of 2.8, 1600-2000cc, and 50.7 percent on 2000cc, under 1600cc compared to engine volumes. At end of September, 45 electric and 2,000 746 hybrid cars were sold. According to average emission values in automobile market in period of 42.7 to 100-120 gr/km of highest Paya cars between 203 thousand 387 sales.

Automatic transmission received 58% share

At end of September, share of diesel car sales decreased to 61,4 percent, while share of auto-transmission cars rose to 58,8 percent. In this period, 83,6 percent of automobile market segment, A, B and C segments of tax rates were low created vehicles. According to segments, 51.8 percent of highest sales and 246 thousand 729 adittle C segment reached. According to chassis types, most preferred body type is 49.4 percent, and 235 thousand 580 sales were sedan cars again. As of end of September this year, light commercial vehicle market is evaluated according to body type, while highest sale reaches 69.6 per cent of Payla van (104 thousand 969 units), n 12.2 percent Payla pickup truck (18 thousand 320 units), 9.4 percent Payla minibus (14 thousand 159 units) and 8.8 Payla Pick-up (13 thousand 274 units) arrived.

  • Top 5 best-selling brands in Turkey
  • Renault: 85 thousand 622
  • Fiat: 78 thousand 785
  • Volkswagen: 77 thousand 757
  • Ford: 71 thousand 918
  • Dacia: 32 thousand 134


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