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Draghi starts the refolding

The ECB guarantees the current financial conditions for 2018 while initiating the withdrawal of "slow-motion" monetary exceptionality

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Draghi starts the refolding

The European Central Bank's (ECB) decision to temporarily extend extraordinary monetary measures (although reducing monthly purchases of 60,000 to 30 billion) is probably most appropriate measure that institution could adopt, because It responds to all economic factors at stake. The reactivation of economy is satisfactory, inflation is below target, but re is no deflationary threat and by extending term of European quantitative easing (QE) prevents euro from value, which would have damaged European exports. As at same time message that a slow-motion withdrawal is initiated, objective of start of return to monetary normalcy is fulfilled without damage to markets and if it affects economic expectations.

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Monetary shift in sight (01/07/2017)

Attention should be paid to two important details. The delay of QE allows Draghi to keep in sleeve ace of prolonging measurements if necessary. That probably won't be. During 2018 low rates are maintained, which means that until middle of 2019 re will be no rise (although re may be new developments earlier in terms of negative type of deposits). The transition for businesses and for domestic economies will be as it should be, that is, soft and predictable. The financing conditions will be maintained throughout next year and that is excellent news for markets. Draghi and ECB have been driven with extreme competition during crisis.

The second detail is Catalonia, as it could not be any or way. The shallow analysis of Draghi — it is premature to venture risk for European finances of Catalan convulsion — is given to be interpreted as a correct, but protocol answer. It is true that it is soon for calculation, but statement that ECB is following Catalan crisis "with great attention" indicates that in Frankfurt y are very aware that threat can be real. Yesterday's Declaration of Independence and adoption of Article 155 augurs in a deep and lasting crisis. By effect of second return on Spanish economy, by undesirable encystment of problem and by capacity of propagation over or European regions. Perhaps what is to be understood is that ECB will speak more forcefully in future; And also that if conflict continues, that future will come very soon.

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