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DRAUFG äer gives gas

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DRAUFG äer gives gas

In Japan everything is different, of course you can guess. In fact, however, it is true. This is a great experience in annual race, which is organized by Formula 1 at Suzuka. For example, anyone who comes to idea of driving out of city on a Thursday morning by train to 1962 designed by Dutchman John Hugenholtz, who was originally supposed to be only a test track for Honda group and presumably refore toger with The amusement park in midst of rice fields, which was erected around him, is in danger of sinking into a train with only one wagon, in which re are only school children besides him.

The train is controlled by a friendly, always smiling Japanese in retirement age. When train stops and a few children alight at platforms of Tokuda, Nakaseko and Ise-Ueno ( road to racetrack is apparently paved with schools), n halt often lasts a little longer, because driver is also ticket controller and before Would like to check exit of each individual ticket. And he doesn't look so good anymore.

Vettel drives like Moses through Red Sea The Ferrari pilot succeeds in a-catch-up hunt at Malaysian Grand Prix. The third place is denied to him in victory verse tapping-and in end he loses anor tyre. by Philipp Schneider More... The right place for a daredevil

Those who still arrive at some point, however, realize that this idyllic entschleunigt-like idyll in Japan is a deceptive one. The course of Suzuka, despite its multitude of curves since year 1987, is one of most diabolical high-speed circuits of Formula 1. And she is right place for a daredevil like Max Vers, who in this disappointing season after his race in Malaysia, second in his career, seems to have finally come to a swing. This is true for verse tapping-and his team of Red Bull, which was actually launched as a title candidate in season.

The new regulations introduced before season seemed to be created for technical chef Adrian Newey, 58-year-old brooder from Stratford-upon-Avon, who had previously found right answer to every reform: 1993 at Williams, 1998 at McLaren and 2009 at Red Bull. The engineer, who also created basis for Sebastian Vettel's four world championship titles, had always designed a superior aerodynamic package. Until this year, he needed a little start. Newey had to improve a little bit.


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