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Due explanations

The deputies, not the comparecientes, should direct the commission of the Crisis

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Due explanations

The exact knowledge of political and economic causes that caused devastating impact of financial crisis on Spanish economy (which has not yet been fully recovered) is a debt that those responsible for governments at least since year 2000 They are obliged to pay and Spanish citizens have right to claim. The parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into financial crisis is most democratic method to offer proper explanations. The Congress represents all Spaniards and that is where doubts about political and economic management of crisis must be substantiated. The validity of commissions of inquiry is beyond question; But it is necessary to underline some procedural errors, which may be corrected in future, that appearance of two economic Vice-Chairpersons (Rodrigo Rato and Pedro Solbes) has highlighted with notable contrasts.

A committee of inquiry is, by its very definition, an instrument to know facts (in this case financial crisis) and gar information to establish a political judgement on management of what is investigated. It is not a conference or an academic dissertation or an open forum to which it comes to be charged with responsibility or to charge m for free (that is, without demonstration or proof) to third parties.

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The former vice-president Rodrigo Rato used last Tuesday several hours of his account in Congress to defend his economic policies, blame Bank of Spain and Minister of Economy of crisis of Bankia (entity of which he was president) and accuse five Urdir government ministers a conspiracy to put him in jail. Rato did not clarify anything about causes of brutal impact of crisis — which destroyed three million jobs — nor did it improve understanding of public action mechanisms that could have limited consequences of crash. Pedro Solbes If he was right with tone due in his explanation. Firstly, due to its detailed self-criticism (error in economic forecasts, failure to diagnose crisis, inability to slow down economy, confusion by not applying corrective fiscal measures of real estate boom); And n because he accepted in good measure that his obligation was to explain himself and not to be excused.

Independently of different personal moods of both, it seems obliged to reconsider protocols and scenographies of research commissions. It is unacceptable for comparecientes to be exchanged in long monologues (almost always to exalt ir management), without time limit and, refore, with initiative to handle debate. Neir time nor Solbes are re to dictate a class to fractious students. On contrary, initiative must be given to members who are intending; It is y who must have ability to ask and narrow down questions and times of arraignment. In capacity of researchers, y must occupy upper stage and researched one has to be relegated to inferior; That would have to be visual expression of a political investigation in Parliament.

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