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Ecstasy of the shoot

Brussels March seals separatist rupture with democracy and Europe

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Ecstasy of the shoot
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The Spanish citizens of well-intentioned who exercise ir democratic right to demonstrate deserve all respect of ors, as much as ir cause is not sometimes at height. They can do it in and out of country, because francoism, which forbade public expressions contrary to it, ended many years ago. And that Spain is a consolidated and exemplary democratic regime. Orwise, thousands of Catalans who crossed several borders to go to Brussels would not have been able to do so.

Sadly, yesterday slogans and secessionist leaders who reached streets of Brussels in ir long sequence of distortions, lies and insults with sole aim of destroying image of Spain were manifested behind some banners. Sad derives from se characters that, failed his attempt at popular insurrection for lack of support, now try to bring forward his fantasy by procedure of liquidating space of coexistence in which Catalans knew ir highest levels of Autonomy and progress. Puigdemont and irs only practise scorched earth policy.

Denigrating current democracy by branding it as equivalent to dead dictatorship and spurning European Union and its leaders for alleged illiberal attitude is not just a political idiocy. It implies a self-harm for those who could find in it or channels, speakers and additional protections to those granted by Spanish Constitution. And it is a disgrace to all Catalans and Spaniards, because it threatens to hang m sanbenito of collective irresponsibility.

The best institutional response to both madness was given by Vice-President of Commission, Frans Timmermans: Everyone has right to manifest and ask for change "but law cannot be ignored."

The demonstration, which pretended to be a mini-day, was nourished, colourful and ordered, as marches of or times, but tarnished by wild presences and emblems of fascist, xenophobic and racist groups: those bad companies with whom y share a bed The separatist leaders. And it hardly impacted a city accustomed since decades to accomodate tractoradas, spills of butter and milk and launching of vegetables and or curious and inventive concentrations.

The escalation of shoots advises Individualizing and debordering political responsibilities so that no one is surprised afterwards. Puigdemont has been associated with ultra anti-european, against consensus of Catalan and Spanish society, and has lost any loopholes of credibility. His figure has dwarfed to limit of ridicule. His former adviser Toni had been stigmatized by Franco's Spanish democracy that his far, Catholic and communist leader Alfonso Carlos ate so much contributed to Enthrone: He has squandered his story and dirtied his surname. The Secretary general of will, Marta Rovira, announces in warlike language that it seeks to "raze". It is much better when this, as an effective argumentative technique, in sonorous cries. What a troop.

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