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Efficacy, non-paternalism

Madrid urgently needs to organize and equip itself with a more human, sustainable and ecological dimension

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Efficacy, non-paternalism
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Each alderman tries to draw a star project for his mandate and that of mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, passes to endow capital of a more human dimension, more sustainable and livable for its citizens and for tourists who visit city.

The restriction of traffic on Gran via, beautiful and emblematic artery that runs through heart of Madrid, is last step in this direction. Since last Friday, pedestrians have 5,400 square meters more in center to walk, Sightsee or consume, a measure that will certainly contribute to reduce pollution, traffic, noise and to recover space for pedestrians.

Traffic restrictions should be welcomed as part of a project that Madrid needs in an urgent and definitive way to organize and equip itself with a sustainable and ecological system, in line with a development model that implies a decrease in emissions, Pollution, consumption of fossil fuels and noise, all factors that generate damage to planet and to health. After all, as mayor Friday remembered in this newspaper, vehicles are 80% of public space when only 29% of displacement is carried out in m.

Anor question is paternalism with which it sometimes operates speech of city Council, in which organization of streets can be included to walk in a single sense in holidays. Certain that agglomerations in subway or streets must be followed with measures and special care, but to indicate to pedestrians where to walk leaves glimpses a restrictive and interventionist spirit that should never be engine of a management.

Efficiency in management, not paternalism, is best guarantee that citizens will naturally accept changes we need in our way of moving around city.

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