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Election analysis: Party seeking people

Confusing analyses and voice hikes: what do the electorate really want? Above all, they want politicians to consider the visions and new world orders to be conceivable.

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Election analysis: Party seeking people
Confusing analyses and voice hikes: what do electorate really want? Above all, y want politicians to consider visions and new world orders to be conceivable. October 4, 2017, 13:26 pm content
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    Before election, electorate asked parties this one question: Who are you, what do you stand for? After election, it is now parties that address electorate: Who are you, what do you stand for?

    It is a strange situation in which country is stuck. Since Bundestag election, one has feeling that it is no longer only citizens who anxiety with parties, but that Fremdelei on GEGENSEITIGKEITBERUHT. All nose long, a top-level politician sits in a discussion round undräsoniert about result: "The elections clearly show what is driving electorate." Then follows a sis. Social question, internal security, Internet. Then one of m interrupts political competition and discusses DasGegenteil.

    The party politicians are breaking ir heads about what DieWähler actually does. Who are se people who are so strangely gewählthaben that no clear pattern can be discerned. It GibtWählerwanderungen from two people's Parties to all or parties. Everyone has lost to everyone, or has voices from verschiedenenpolitischen directions gained. Sometimes voters of a party come from a poor federal state, n again from a wealthy. Sometimes it is Ostzuwachs or west losses.

    A party like CDU has lost voters to RechtsextremeLager as much as to Liberals. But it can also look forward to voters who would have been attributed to Greens earlier. So you can daseigentlich for each party by decline.

    In course of analysis, it is noticeable that terms such as "People's Party" or "electoral milieu" are somehow no longer fit. Just as whole Sprechapparatauf is a Germany-oriented one that no longer exists. When SPDden "Little Man" picks up from Moth box, meaning dieKrankenschwester or roofer, whole Generationaus of digital underclass, which does something with Internet, has to feel like a parallel universe. In contrast to Adobe Flash precariat, roofer and nurse get at least eineRente and are sick insured. You have to look with magnifying glass to find Einenfreischaffenden graphic artist under 30, who is insured somewhere. Liability, Riester and dental insurance are for a woman who works Diefreiberuflich for a publishing house or a research institution, unattainable luxury. And whoever gets a two-year contract somewhere, yes all seriousness afterwards. This generation is a class of its own that is still a step below " little People".

    One can watch parties as y re-survey country. Only election results will show you your dilemma. There is a riesigenNiedriglohnsektor, but it does not benefit neir SPD nor left. At least to such an extent that it would become Regierungsbeteiligungreichen. There is an insane diesel scandal and a climate change of most cruel proportions. But y don't benefit from greens. There is eineungeh your yearning for homeland and continuity, but it does not benefit DieCDU. There is an unappreciated dislike of Muslims undGeflohene, but it does not benefit AfD of it, in any case measured by fact that y always speak for mselves in Anspruchnahm, for "silent majority". 13 percent of all Liebenicht are majority. In short, no single party is able to read out a specific matter which should be most important issue for m.


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