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Elections in peace

For the first time in more than half a century, Colombia has been able to go to vote without the existence of an armed conflict

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Elections in peace

The legislative elections held on Sunday in Colombia, beyond concrete result, have an important symbolic burden. For first time in more than half a century, South American country has been able to go to vote without existence of a cruel armed conflict in its territory. What's more, one of main protagonists of this civil war, insurgency of Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), has taken part in a political party. Same acronym for different words: Revolutionary alternative force of common.

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And FARC has also experienced, for first time, that democratic struggle is equally relentless. Their results, both for Congress and for Senate, have been dismal, although Peace accords guarantee a minimum number of deputies. It has barely achieved 32,636 votes for lower house, being last force of political spectrum, far from 2,298,377 votes of victor, Social Democrat Liberal party. The same trend has been marked on Senate where FARC has achieved only 52,532 votes and is ahead only of a party formed by soldiers and a citizen organization. It is significant that in upper house winner has been Democratic center, conservative training of former president Álvaro Uribe, very critical of peace agreement reached with guerrilla.

But se elections have also served as primaries — in parallel referenda — for left and right blocs before presidential election on May 27. Gustavo Petro and Ivan Duque, respectively, have been imposed on ir rivals. Both represent polarization of Colombian society. Petro, with a speech against traditional politicians and establishment; Duke, with economy as a priority. Two approaches far from which Colombians will choose one. Again in peace.

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