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End of the consensus on RTVE

The PP modifies partially in the Senate the system for the election of the president of the state corporation

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End of the consensus on RTVE

The PP modifies partially in Senate system for election of president of state-owned corporation

Less than three months has lasted consensus of parliamentary groups for reform of Spanish radio and Television. The text approved at end of June by unanimity in Congress of Deputies, just jump in air in Senate. The PP has imposed its overwhelming absolute majority in lower House to modify system for election of president of state-owned corporation.

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under approved mechanism, if candidate does not obtain in first ballot, support of two-thirds of Congress in a second round it would be enough with support of three-fifths of chamber. The system agreed in June anticipated to this second vote, a double condition: to achieve absolute majority and have approval of at least half of parliamentary groups. Now, with new formula, votes of PP and PSOE may be sufficient to designate maximum of directors of RTVE, a means of communication that in recent years has revealed ir submission information towards PP, which upheld current president of corporation, and José Antonio Sanchez.

Preservation of independence, to guarantee pluralism, pay credibility of news programs and design a viable economic model have been arguments put forward by groups to modify framework of RTVE. But hardly will disappear doubts about neutrality of radio and television state if name of both president and 10 members of board of directors decide to solo two main parties. Give back to minorities so abruptly after having reached a hard-won pact does not seem like best solution. The next week text will return to Congress. It will be last chance to get that RTVE is truly a medium that combines all of sensitivities.

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