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Entrepreneurs: "we Support the Government, the prosecutor, the mayors and all those who defend the legality"

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Entrepreneurs: "we Support the Government, the prosecutor, the mayors and all those who defend the legality"

Rosell soliviantó to policy of employer to raise pay off me with "a little note"

The two main institutions of business representation in Spain were closed yesterday ranks with State in Catalonia and urged to "take all actions deemed necessary to carry out with aim to enforce law".

So said in two separate releases, CEOE and, more broadly, Cepyme. The vice-president of CEOE and president of Cepyme, assures THE WORLD that both patron, "giving full support to State, both Government of Rajoy, prosecutor, mayors and all those who defend lawfulness, which is basis of democracy."

The release of CEOE emerged after an intense debate, above all in large employer who presides over Catalan Juan Rosell, according to several business leaders consulted for THE WORLD. Garamendi declined to comment, but stressed to this newspaper importance of "entrepreneurs speak without complexes of unity of Spain and respect for law."

According to version gared by this newspaper, Catalan Rosell, a proponent of a low-profile business in Catalan question to "not throw more fuel to fire" soliviantó to board of directors of CEOE when asked to complete "a little note" on pulse launched by government. He used literally expression "note".

"I'm on air, a little note, not" he replied in first place, president of Confederation of Businessmen of Andalusia, Javier González de Lara. He showed himself a supporter of a statement conclusive against " referendum is illegal". Also leader of employers of madrid, CEIM, Enrique Sánchez, recalled that CEOE does not represent employers in any community, but of all of m and claimed a pronouncement strong in defense of legality. The president of Catalan employers Foment, Joquim Gay of Montellà, recalled deep historical roots of pro-independence, and proposed that a finding of disproportionate could damage investment in Catalonia.

The president of employers of madrid, CEIM, Juan Pablo Lázaro, read his press release this week supporting seamless to legality and "solidarity with Catalan employers". Finally, CEOE approved a statement that underscores its "deep concern" and its support for " rule of law and strict compliance of laws and Spanish Constitution, as well as international legislation, especially European Union". It also ensures that "re is a political problem of great magnitude that must be addressed with utmost urgency and constructive sense".

For his part, minister of Economy, Luis de Guindos, said you are not producing "relocation of production", because "re is no rational investor that believes that independence scenario is going to occur". However, ceo of Banco Sabadell, Jaume Guardiola, was sympatic to Catalan companies to prepare "contingency plans".


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