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Esnafa 500 thousand TL credit to the workplace

Prime Minister Yildirim, tradesmen and artisans from the arts to tourism, gave a lot of relief to comfort. The upper limit of the business loan was 200 thousand lira....

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Esnafa 500 thousand TL credit to the workplace
Esnafi 500 thousand TL credit EDA light Economy News Date of entry: 18.10.2017 Prime Minister Yildirim, tradesmen and artisans from arts to tourism, gave a lot of comfort. The upper limit of business loan was 200 thousand liras. A 10-year term 500 thousand TL loan to tradesmen and artisans to be given a business credit limit of 150 thousand to 200 thousand lira to use to indicate that . N AK party deputy chairman and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, which is also located in workplace or at work to buy vehicle Esnafi, low-rate interest to 500 thousand pounds will be given loans, he said. Speaking at AK Party Parliamentary group, Yildirim Esnafi said y saw growing, strong Turkey's backbone. This high interest has no explanation Underlining that high interest is not something that can be sustained, Prime Minister Yildirim pointed out that Turkey is in better shape than ever in last 3 years in terms of country risk premiums. Prime Minister Yildirim, while growth is over 5 per cent, while global and local investments are increasing from day, stressed that interest of high rates, economic rules is not possible to explain. The upper limit is 200 thousand TL, "The new Gospel of tradesmen," Yildirim, trades and artisans to use business credit limit of 150 thousand to 200 thousand has been announced. If artisan wants to buy workplace where artist is located, 500 thousand pounds of credit can be received for 10 years, Yildirim said, if workplace wants to buy a new vehicle, vehicle could also be using download credits. Yildirim, said that it would be 500 thousand lira for 5 years maturity. Some municipalities have squandered budget on ir hands and are looking at citizen's property and a hundred pounds of value to place of five thousand pounds of lightning, "This is mountain head? No one will increase more than 50%. They're going to pay for this. It's so ' I've done it '. Now y're going to give back money y took, "he said. In public sector, şır AA, endingin 2018, underlining year of savings, Prime Minister Yidirım, said: "We will begin government before design. No new car purchases, we closed shop. There is no way to get a new vehicle to state, municipalities, except for security and urgent issues. We are limiting use of high-cylinder volume vehicles. We're going to implement a lot of austerity measures, start from ourselves first. It's a bit of a surprise. Everyone will be more busy with work of citizens. " 49 years of news Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, tourism regions of hotels, pointing to presence of, "during late Özal period of coasts of upper use was given for 49 years. To eliminate uncertainty, we increase lease time of facilities to 49 years. If anyone wants to be here, he will be able to pay and take m. " Prime Minister Yildirim also reminded that y dropped taxes on mobile and home phone, " phone companies, even if taxes fall, we will drop m," he said. The Prime Minister's Gospel package- Esnafi, who wants to buy workplace, will be given a 10-year maturity and a low interest rate of 500 thousand pounds.-5-year term 500 thousand lira loan will be provided to those who want to buy a car in business.- operating credit limit 150 was increased from $200 thousand to TL.-25 per cent of cell phone call goes to tax 7.5.-The rent time of otels is increased by 49 years.-The vehicles of handicapped will not be taxed in 150 thousand lira. It's down to 7.5.-Real estate taxes will not be increased by more than 50 percent.-in 2018, re is no new vehicle acquisition in public sector.-interest can be drawn to acceptable limits. The buildings in IR fields will be sold to citizens.


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