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Exemplary speed

Huerta's resignation was the only solution to the government's first crisis

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Exemplary speed

The resignation of Màxim Huerta as Minister of Culture is an impeccable answer to principles of exemplary and honesty that has been imposed by President of government, Pedro Sánchez. The minister leaves his purse only a week after he takes office because of decision of High Court of Justice of Madrid that he believes he committed a tax violation. According to two sentences, irrefutable, Huerta used an interposed company to evade 256,778 euros between years 2006 and 2008 from his income as a television journalist and was sentenced to pay 365,939 euros to public treasury as a result of This demonstrated circumvention and corresponding sanction.

The President of Government had recently proclaimed that no one who had used an interposed company to pay less taxes would be a part of his executive in PSOE; With equal or greater reason, this principle must be applied in government. After several conversations with President, Minister of Culture has made only reasonable and consistent decision to new executive's honesty. In his public statement of resignation, Huerta has argued that he retires because he "loves culture and transparency." Well, in exercise of this second virtue should have informed Pedro Sanchez, when he proposed to be Minister of Culture, circumstances of his conviction for tax offense (2014) which was not exactly old. But it did not and that is one of probable causes of this first crisis.

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The explanations offered by minister in his futile struggle to avoid resignation have been poor and unlikely. It is not true, as he has proclaimed in several statements and repeated in an appearance of resignation, that he was victim of a change of criterion of Hacienda in regard to use of companies interposed to pay taxes. The tax criterion has not changed: it is unlawful for an interposed company whose sole purpose is to pay invoices and taxes. If se are ir only functions, re is a hint, indirect but firm, that you want to pay for corporate tax (25%) which should be taxed for income taxes (marginal 48%). The condition to be admissible by Treasury and by courts use of an interposed company is that company contributes something more to billing of same one, more than income and patrimony of a single person. Therefore, society Almaximo, through which Huerta paid its taxes, was illegal n, as it would be now, by virtue of its lack of functions and contents.

The argument that conviction was imposed on him when he was not a minister falls by his own weight. The Màxim Huerta minister can hardly have time to commit a tax violation in five days. Beyond this inconsequential, resignation of Huerta, in which attitude of Pedro Sánchez has been decisive, is an exemplary decision. It is fastest way to combat political weaknesses of a cabinet and proof that commitment to corruption is serious.

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