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Extensive tracking of the taxi strike in the big cities

Government delays 2018 measures to regulate VTC licenses

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Extensive tracking of the taxi strike in the big cities

The taxi drivers ' strike throughout Spain has left streets of main cities without taxis. From early hours of morning it has been visible in places such as Madrid and Barcelona absence of se vehicles. From Spanish Taxi Federation (FEDETAXI), which represents 70% of licensed taxi drivers, ensure that monitoring is 100% in large cities. "There are no taxis operating in Madrid and Barcelona." And in or cities same will happen from eleven in morning, when demonstration begins, said Miguel Ángel Leal, president of Fedetaxi.

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In Madrid, by city's central streets you can see dozens of taxis circulating, but without passengers and honking horn as a sign of protest. The demonstration has begun at 11.00 from Atocha, from where y will leave to Congress of Deputies. The closing hours of protest are scheduled for 15.00 hours, although stoppage of activity will continue until six o'clock on Thursday morning. Passengers arriving at train stations, buses and Barajas Airport find re are no taxis.

In Barcelona, situation is similar. The unions say that re is a broad follow-up, especially in most strategic points such as taxi stops from Sants station and Barcelona-El prat Airport. The Metropolitan Taxi Institute (IMET) still does not have follow-up data to confirm what unions expressed, although in street it is difficult to find a taxi in service.

The strike has been seconded to national level — except in communities such as Asturias and Castilla-León that have been unchecked — in face of new licensing concessions for car rental vehicles (VTC) for companies such as Uber and Cabify. To this day of unemployment have joined majority Federation of Guild, Fedetaxi, association Caracol, Antaxi, Elite Taxi (FETE) and platform TNT, among ors.

The regulation is delayed

For its part, Ministry of Development has delayed "at beginning of 2018" The approval of measures that prepares to order sector of taxi and that of vehicles of rent with driver, that of companies like Uber and Cabify, vis-a-vis initial estimate of having m list s before end of year. The Secretary of State for infrastructure of Fomento, Julio Gómez-Pomar, has justified delay by procedure used to carry it out. "They will be approved through a royal decree of long Processing", that is, that requires public information and opinion of Council of State.

Since Ministry have ensured that se measures will contribute to " management and coexistence" of two transport services and have explained that Royal Decree will prohibit VTC to sell ir licenses in two years following ir procurement and articulate a Public Registry of its services to ensure that y meet prerequisite of hiring.


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