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Fabulous boys offered for gang rape

Those of the herd were good children and those of the Arandina, extraordinary while they, to know

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Fabulous boys offered for gang rape

The three players of Arandina accused of a supposed rape to a minor have already been described as extraordinary, very nice, really, fabulous guys, in words of one of parents of players of club. Also lawyer of several of defendants of rape of San Fermín concluded his defense by appealing to that y are good children, although sometimes y can be imbeciles.

of which it is deduced that y can have weaknesses, failures, Ay, after all y are human, but in essence are good people, while, thanks to account of defendants, what has come to us is that alleged victim of Pamplona was a devorahombres that He practically deserved to be thrown, abandoned and half-naked in sordid scene of "Fiesta" after ejaculating one after anor because he did; That in trial was seen "with rictus jovial, lack of affliction and a peculiar way of sitting" (said lawyer); And that it did not show in nets its sorrow but exhibiting an improper joy of being abused. The very.

of Aranda de Duero, a 15-year-old girl who according to complaint opposed sexual relationship on floor shared by three players, we have already known from environment of defendants who has fallen into "contradictions." The very.

It is bad news for a country that we want more advanced and sometimes is dazzled by conates of non-existent maturity. There have been numerous voices that, during days of trial of herd, expressed ir confidence that this would be a before and after in violence and abuse against women. But let's not be deceived. While fire of this trial was still burning in Pamplona, three exemplary lads of Aranda were allegedly abusing minor, which took ten days to denounce his case. The fact that he was in psychological treatment has been instrumental in making him dare to denounce. Yesterday y were sent to prison.

At same time, four of five jewels of herd begin to respond to justice for abuse of a young woman in Pozoblanco (Córdoba) who y were able to drug to annul ir will. One of m allegedly hit her. The case was discovered in mobile of se "good children", who shared m in WASAP as well as those of San Fermín.

1,500 rapes are reported every year in Spain. But cross-data from surveys and or statistics make specialists think that real figure is more than 2,000. Too frightened even to stigma, to lack of recognition and humiliation in current archetype that, while y are good boys who left hand, y are a hustlers who were encouraged, consenting and if y did not agree y did not know to express. The very. We still have a long way to go.

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