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Facades feminism alone doesn't bring anything

The film producer Harvey Weinstein was considered the great ß Frauenf ö sponsors. Now it came out that he has women sexually bel ä stigt.

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Facades feminism alone doesn't bring anything

Of people who know Harvey Weinstein were probably only a few surprised when y read on Thursday great, meticulously researched article of New York Times. Actresses and former assistants accuse him of sexual harassment. It is about cases of three decades that Weinstein has paid eight women severance payments. In US film industry and among film journalists, his behaviour towards women seems to have been known for a long time. But, writes an author in magazine "The Cut": Weinstein was too powerful, so his victims were rightly fearful-or bound by silence clauses in employment contracts.

accusation of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein The alleged victims of US producer were supposed to have been young women who hoped for a career in film industry. Weinstein apologizes-and disputes some of accusations. More...

The contents of Times article astonished wine-stone environment, refore, less than fact that it was actually published.

For outsiders, this was completely different. This is mainly because Harvey Weinstein was considered in public not only as a Goldkönig Midas among Hollywood producers, but also as one of great liberals in already very liberal US entertainment business. He supports Democrats, has won prizes for his humanitarian engagement, Barack Obama's daughter Malia made an internship in his company after graduating from high school.

Above all, Harvey Weinstein is one of those in Hollywood who prefers to print women's promotion with pink glitter letters on business card. He donates to family planning and women's health Organization planned Parenthood. He was involved in establishment of a chair in honor of Gloria Steine at Rutgers University, famous feminist. His company has brought " hunting ground" to cinemas, a documentary on sexual assault in US colleges.

Promotion on surface and discrimination behind closed doors

He recently donated $5 million to a scholarship program to enable women to direct ir studies at University of Sourn California. That's what Harvey Weinstein wrote yesterday in an opinion on accusations. He admits his misconduct and praised improvement. As an explanation for harassment, he stated that he had been "socialized in Sixties and Seventies". At that time " culture was just like that". Life-long learning was apparently not Harvey Weinstein's motto until a very short time ago. From now on, however, he only has best intentions. He has already chosen a team of gender-related consultants to become "a better person". He will appoint Director-Scholarship after his mor-"and I will not disappoint you."

This discrepancy-women's promotion on surface and women's discrimination behind closed doors-is part of status quo of equal rights in Western world. Perhaps it is even necessary to rejoice that at least ideal of equality has arrived in men's occupied boardrooms. The fact that women's promotion and diversification are now good for image is at least a small step forward. When large companies advertise mselves, y today pay attention to fact that in ir image films women walk through hallways and look in screens. Even a party like AfD, whose Bundestag deputies will be 90 percent male, has made one of ir few women top candidate with Alice Weidenl.

One can only hope-and be committed to this-that this façade feminism of institutions will soon evolve into one that works in back. That appearance will be same. Orwise, such initiatives serve only to maintain old structures even longer, to protect wind and to look so pretty modern from outside, that no one would even come up with idea.

When a series becomes a political commentary in award-winning series "The Maids ' tale" women are oppressed as uterus slaves. Since Trump's electoral victory, some in United States have held this vision of future for terrifyingly realistic. By Kathleen Hildebrand More...


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