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False cops take pensioners half a million off

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False cops take pensioners half a million off

With intimidating, lousy tricks and perfected conversation tactics, false police officers in Munich are doing a million damage. Now a retired man has fallen on mesh, emptied her safe and handed over a swindler jewelry and money for more than half a million euros. The real police often have little chance of grasping masterminds that mostly operate from Turkey.

This time it hit a 72-year-old from Flower road. Around 2pm last Monday, one of scammers called for first time, in phone display appeared 089/20 110. Professionals speak of "spoofing" when number is forged to mislead victim. The real police never call with a 110 number. The pensioner didn't know that. She believed wrong cop when he sent her scared.

79-year-old plays decoy and puts scammers in Two men want to go to pensioner's EC card. When two of m show up in Neuhausen, police are already waiting. by Susi Wimmer more...

The deceiver tabled her usual lie story, a burglar had been caught, who had a note with her address. Two accomplices of criminal were still at large and would probably plan to break into her. For hours, several men repeatedly called woman and adorned lie furr: most of policemen were tied to WIESN, claiming that y could not protect m.

However, in a "under cover" action, you want to photograph your valuables so that y are classified after a burglary. The 72-year-old fell for it, made jewelry and cash out of her safe and packed it into several pockets, which she finally handed over to a "pickup".

The 72-year-old is by far not only victim that has fallen into this scam. The damage that false police officer 2017 in Munich has done, police estimate amount of well over two million euros. The perpetrators are mostly unpunished.

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