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Fariña in the South

The exhibition of impunity grows in the Bay of Algeciras by the hand of drug trafficking

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Fariña in the South
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The violence and display of impunity on part of alleged Narcos is being shot in Algeciras in such an intolerable way that it should mobilize Ministry of Interior and all springs of state to curb a growing deterioration. If in recent months criminals had testified of ir incontención with rescue of a narco by hooded that y snatched it to police in a hospital of line; Or had overflowed Acosándolas security forces in some operations, a tragedy has added this week new data for that voice of alarm.

A nine-year-old boy died Monday on a motorboat piloted by his far when anor boat with two men hit m after maneuvering threatening and risky around him. The Minister of Interior, Juan Ignacio Zoido, has hastened to point out that it was not a narcolancha, but this does not subtract an atom of concern before a new violent act in which two of involved, far and an attacker, have antecedents. In anor incident to clarify, some 40 people who participated in a communion on weekend attacked with bats, crystals and or materials to nine civilian guards who walked in same area. Interior also does not confirm linkage, but Unified Civil Guard Association claims that y were anti-narcotic agents and at least two of attackers detained were criminals.

Of 372,901 kilos of drugs intervened in Spain in 2016, 40% were apprehended in Cadiz. The growth of narco has become so evident in area as laundering in sumptuous expenses and this increasing challenge to security forces. They need a government that does not underestimate what is happening, but instead faces reality with resources and with determination to stop expansion of this Fariña — in allusion to cocaine and its traffic that did so much damage in Galicia — that grows in south.

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