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FDP wants to make the in vote

The B ü rgerbegehren against a communal housing project is probably legally invalid ä. In the opinion of the Liberals, however, the municipal council should set up a B ü rgerentscheid

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FDP wants to make the in vote

The in FDP wants to oppose a Council request to Citizens ' Association, which we initiated in Pullach (WIP), against House on Heiler Straße 53 and 55. The group submitted a request to mayor Susanna Thousand Friends (Greens). The aim is to provide citizens with comprehensive information and to be informed about construction project with 22 municipal dwellings and to let m vote on it, says FDP municipal councillor Alexander Betz.

Like groups of CSU, Greens and SPD, in FDP supports project. Only WIP has expressed considerable concerns about a too massive development, above all in height, since beginning of planning. In addition, WIP always referred to worsening budgetary situation that a project of this magnitude could not allow, and could endanger school buildings or new swimming pool. This multitude of situations caused WIP to collect signatures against buildings of 53 and 55 healer, said community councillor Cornelia-Meister.

With success. The WIP generated 714 allowed signatures and easily reached necessary quorum of ten percent of in voters to be able to request a citizen's petition. On or hand, two Tests of Bavarian city Day and a law firm, which mayor had commissioned a thousand friends, revealed that application was not valid in this form.

However, on 17 October, local council will also be on thrust of WIP. Irrespective of outcome of this vote, according to Betz, FDP wants to launch a council request to allow citizens to vote on Salvation Road. "We could make it easy for us as a council and whip up project," says Betz. "But if we simply amendments request of WIP for formal legal reasons, it will be ugly. And probably project would also land in court. "

Mayor a thousand friend, however, is strongly warning that construction project should be delayed furr. "It would not be wise from a time-lapse. A vote does not go from today to tomorrow, it includes a campaign, information of citizens, organization, "says Greens. The furr project is pushed back, worse tender results would be. "The order books of construction companies are filled in autumn. Sometime we come to next year and it becomes much more expensive, "says a thousand friends.

The argument that citizens want to listen can, of course, understand m. "But that also comes abundantly late. And we have public involved in it, "says a thousand friends. "At some point lid has to be put on top-and we also have a broad majority in municipal council." In addition, says lawyer, a council request would only make sense if a citizen's desire were also to take place-but at present it is more than unlikely that application for WIP is admissible.

The FDP wants to put WIP above all in terms of content. "At WIP, y think y're only ones who speak with people's voice," Betz says. "If we don't listen to citizens now, we make m martyrs and y can tell this story over and over again." His group will be looking for a discussion with all colleagues before Council meeting on 17 October, in order to reach a common position. And Betz has a very precise idea of what this should look like: in are fully informed about project, with all aspects, with a precise picture of designs.

The WIP, says Betz, has always talked about fact that high-rise buildings would be built on healer street: "But that is not true. I also had my doubts at beginning, but when I saw designs, I was convinced that something good could be created here. "

In a factual confrontation, Betz says, WIP must "let down trousers": ten percent of in would have signed WIP request-but 90 percent did not. "I don't think citizens will vote against project." The FDP assumes that a council request could take place a few weeks after 17 October. "The administration now has time to make preparations," says Betz. And WIP? "It will hardly be able to vote against our request."


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