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Fewer cars in town

Restricting traffic is the only way to protect health in large polluted cities

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Fewer cars in town

Thousands of people die every year prematurely in large cities because of pollution, but most of its inhabitants are not aware of severity of problem because death certificates consist of respiratory or cardiac pathologies That pollution has aggravated. They are avoidable deaths, which in case of Madrid and area of Barcelona are estimated at more than 3,000 each year in each one of m. The authorities ' first obligation is to protect health of citizens. Just as 1970s and 1980s reached a consensus to eliminate coal-fired heaters and remove polluting industries out of cities, clearing air now requires reducing traffic and banning circulation of vehicles more Contaminants.

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Both Madrid and Barcelona are preparing to apply most severe phases of ir anti-pollution plans. They are plans of obligatory fulfillment, since both cities fail to comply since it entered into force in 2010 European directive on pollution and in fact Spain has been freed from being brought before Tribunal of The Hague because it has given assurances that se plans will be implemented. They are refore very powerful reasons for supporting se measures and asking for citizen collaboration so that y can fulfil ir objectives.

In November, new residential priority area of Madrid Centro will be activated, which must reduce traffic by 20% and 40% pollution. This will prohibit access of vehicles that do not have an environmental distinctive and rest can only access to go to a private car park because seats on surface will be for residents. It will also restrict access to Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, which supports 18% of city's traffic when it only represents 4% of its surface. They are measures that cause discomfort and force change of habits, but without m can not guarantee a breathable air.

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