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Finance is polled by the trade unions with a pay rise for officials of 6% in three years

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Finance is polled by the trade unions with a pay rise for officials of 6% in three years

The trade unions are showing quite pessimistic of reaching an agreement on compensation

The trade unions demand an increase of 20% in that period of time to recover purchasing power lost during crisis years

The second meeting between Government and most representative trade unions of public sector (CSIF, CCOO and UGT) led without progress in plane of compensation committee, even though it was on issues such as maintenance of employment.

The Executive do not put on table any specific proposals in matter of wage increases for public employees, and he cited trade unions to a new meeting next Tuesday. However, trade union sources claim that offer of Government could be in environment of 6% in three years. A proposal in any case very different from reinvidicaciones of trade unions, which claim a rise of 20% in that period to officials to recover purchasing power lost during crisis.

After two meetings after summer break, last Thursday with secretary of State for Public Function, Elena Collado, positions remain very far away while time is running out. The next day 22 Council of Ministers will approve draft of General State Budget (PGE) for 2018, which includes item of personnel expenses.

The Government has raised a wage increase linked to evolution of GDP. The Executive estimates that GDP will grow 2.6% in 2018, 2.5% in 2019 and 2.4% in 2020, in such a way that linking salaries of officials and to increase of economy would, at least, a loss of purchasing power, taking into account also that Government contemplates an evolution of moderate inflation in coming years.

This does not mean, as clarified by minister of Finance and Public Function, Cristóbal Montoro, on Tuesday in Senate that is moving "miméticamente" figures of growth of GDP, salaries of public employees, since se salary hikes should be compatible with compliance with deficit target.

The unions are not willing to assume increases of 1% in last few years, as y believe that with increases of GDP of close to 3% and taking into account cuts suffered by public employees during crisis, a rise in this line would not be of receipt.

CSIF warns Haciende that if you want a deal, "you should make an effort and open negotiation of journey of 35 hours in different areas of governments". Likewise, values to carry out mobilizations, "if Treasury is not sensitive to just claims of a group that has all shoulder of an exemplary way to promote recovery and ensure provision of services in toughest moments of crisis".

Day of 35-hour

in Addition to remuneration, in meeting today we also talked about or working conditions of three million civil servants and public employees, as recovery of working hours of 35 hours per week in those communities where this has been agreed by administrations with union. It is case of Andalusia, Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Basque Country or town hall of Madrid.

"it is unacceptable that ban from central Government journey of 35 hours especially in those communities that have reached agreements with unions," explained sources of Central trade Union Independent and of Officials (CSIF).

But apart from salary increases and journey of 35 hours, unions also want to approve an offer of public employment that put an end to replacement rate and to increase templates on top of retirements in those areas where it is necessary, as a way also to rejuvenate staff of administrations. CSIF figure in approximately 231,000 number of jobs lost since 2011.

Sources of CCOO assured that at this point could result in progress. However, y noted that "re will be no global agreement without increases in compensation committee. For that reason, we urge Government to make an effort". An approach that also shares CSIF. "If Executive wants an agreement must make an effort that is demanded of public employees when began economic crisis," says union in a statement.

Until now, have only been produced informal meetings. It is expected that next week a meeting of Bureau General of Negotiation of Public Administrations, where it is fixed by wage increases of officers for next year.

In this table, in addition to unions and Administration, are also represented in autonomous communities and municipalities, through Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), and his call is mandatory before presentation of draft of General State Budget (PGE) Government plans to approve next Friday, 22nd of September.


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