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Firmness against pollution

Large cities must apply more forceful structural measures to clean the air

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Firmness against pollution

The lack of rainfall and anticyclone affecting Madrid and or major cities are causing an increase in pollution that severely affects health. The reiteration of se episodes and anticipation that y increase by effect of climate change compels us to consider wher anti-pollution plans adopted so far are sufficient to achieve tangible improvements in short term.

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There are two major models of intervention in large metropolises: those that aim to reduce emission foci during peaks of pollution and those that focus on structural measures to prevent m from occurring. Although plans approved for Madrid and Barcelona conurbations contemplate some long-term measures, y focus on applying short-term traffic restrictions during episodes. These measures must, of course, be maintained, but it is necessary to review timing and timing of or actions aimed at keeping air always clean. Cities such as Berlin, London, Stockholm or Copenhagen have opted for this last approach, highlighting three types of interventions: permanent prohibition of most polluting cars, establishment of tolls or dissuasive barriers for Access to city by private car and promotion of clean mobility with infrastructures that accelerate change to electric vehicle.

Everyone's health is at stake and we cannot afford delays. We have to act faster. For example, prohibition of circular for most polluting cars will not enter into force in Madrid permanently until 2025, five years later than in Barcelona. Is this delay justified? Anor urgent step is to guarantee a recharge network for electric cars and to study at same time imposition of barriers of access to make a part of external mobility that now goes in private vehicle to urban helmet do it by public transport , for which it is necessary to improve both in coverage and in frequency.

The United Nations insists on need to implement much more forceful measures. Pollution now causes more deaths in world than all forms of violence and more than AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria toger. Many poor countries have no resources to cope with this threat. In ors it is a matter of political will.

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