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First time

Two games, two wins: Anne Delafosse, 33, F ü, Basketballerinnen the TS Jahn m ü Munich to the top of the second league. They were never there in seven years.

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First time

It is already an extraordinary achievement of second-Basketballerinnen of Jahn München. In ir second season game, last weekend, y defeated DJK Bamberg abroad with 59:45, and in Seventh Second League year y took over table leadership for first time. Above all, one pricked with this success: Anne Delafosse with her 14 points. The former national player has slipped into role of leader at Jahn München.

"66 percent hit rate from field and 62 of triple Line are outstanding."

As Anne was more pure she was with TSV Wasserburg multiple German champion. The 33-year-old is now tempted to move forward in a young Munich team. Two days before Bamberg game, Delafosse had its first big gig in local hall. Almost every litter of hers landed at 79:58-kick-off victory against Celts in basket, which also allowed Hall spokesman Armin Sperber to cheer: "Anne with a big show", sports director of TS Jahn München called into microphone, as Delafosse in final phase of game against Celts in Elegant manner still marked two baskets. Applause applauding for Topscorerin, who as an outstanding player on Parquet scored 34 points-under eyes of her far and her extra husband Tristan, who had travelled from France. "My far celebrated a round birthday day before," said Delafosse, "This was my next birthday present for him."

Jahn-Trainer Rüdiger Wichote also found game stats for Delafosse impressive: "66 percent hit rate from field and 62 percent of triple line are outstanding." Delafosse met from distance at eight tries five times in basket-although she had previously weakened flu a few days in bed and could barely train.

Jahn München had not yet experienced two distinct victories at beginning of season. "This was of course a super start to season", summed up Delafosse, who after resignation of Jezebel Ohanian and pregnancy of Magdalena von Geyr is now by far oldest player on team. "It gives me great fun with young hens," she formulated casually. "They listen well too. You can really build something. "

In particular, Emily Bessoir is meant to be. The 15-year-old young player will take full advantage of size of 1.92 meters. She was always right against Celts and fished under her own basket 14 rebounds. Coach Wichote praises her understanding of game, and blames at same time: "She still has a lot of potential ahead." She already showed this in Bamberg. Again, seven rebounds stood for m, but also 14 points, two of m three from distance.

For Delafosse, Sperbers and club had done quite a bit before start of season. "We let her make jersey with number five," he told. That number, refore, which Jezebel Ohanian had worn until her resignation, and which also Delafosse in her long career always wore. The New Jersey seems to propel you in addition. And environment also fits: After her move to Munich, Delafosse devoted her studies to international business. She is currently doing an internship, followed by The Bachelor's sis. Basketball does not want to miss her as a balance, and she wouldn't mind if outsider Jahn continues to play so successfully. "Nobody's got us on bill," stresses Delafosse. Sperber, who sees team on a good path to class preservation, knows current recipe for success: "The boys play nicely, but also know that y have to fit ball to Anne. That'll make dots. "


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