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Fiscal Opportunism

PP and PSOE prefer their own interests to fix the Basque quota

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Fiscal Opportunism

It is difficult to explain that in a context of deep territorial crisis government of Mariano Rajoy has given priority to its stability rar than trying to resolve promised system of autonomic financing for autonomy of general regime. The Catalan independence challenge — an unprecedented political earthquake in Spanish democracy — has succeeded in a wave of autonomous claims that deserve to be heard; Especially under of Valencian Community. On contrary, Executive has opted to ensure its continuity and approval of budgets with most counterproductive measure: to fix for next five years Basque quota, whose upright is a privilege treatment for Basque country, according to Most of experts.

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In May, Rajoy agreed with Basque nationalists to achieve parliamentary majority he needed and avoid ballot boxes. Now, its new agreement is more difficult to sustain arguably, since fixation of quota raises little sympathy in Catalonia and agitates feelings of grievance in rest of country at a delicate historical moment.

The leader of citizens, Albert Rivera, has unmarked PP with a harsh speech that vindicates territorial solidarity and equality of all Spaniards. But problem is not Basque concert, protected by Constitution, but method of calculation applied to fix that quota, which for years has been overfinancing of one of richest communities in Spain to detriment of ors more needy.

The quota (what Basque Country should contribute to coffers of state to compensate for services not transferred) should not continue to looking according to number of seats. It should be calculated, as future system of general financing, in technical rules armoured to partisan swings. It is a difficult goal if you consider that Hacienda does not even listen to its own experts.

The or great political party of government, PSOE, has joined opportunism of PP in a risky tactical movement that reveals inconsistencies of its territorial project. In exchange for stability of Basque Government — supported by Socialists — PSOE has opened inner box of thunder — y have already protested ir leaders in Andalusia, Valencia, Asturias and Castilla-La Mancha — and has renounced any subsequent negotiations to National scale, eir to modify budgets, or to accelerate implementation of this new system of autonomous financing that has demanded so much. Rajoy again drags feet and handicapped autonomies pay, meanwhile, broken dishes of lack of consensus between two large parties.

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