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Fleet Sole

Thieves dance victims and run with prey of it

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Fleet Sole

They are looking closely for a particular type of victim: alcohol should be re and wear a watch as expensive as possible on wrist. Then perpetrators attack. Most of m are two to three. They pretend y want to dance and are getting closer to ir victims. Then everything goes lightning fast. When one of perpetrators has captured a wristwatch, y all run away. The police call this scam "Antanztrick". Mohamed B. And his alleged accomplice Karim B. were to have successfully applied Antanztrick in last year before discoques at Maximilian and square, but also during Oktoberfest in vicinity of Theresienwiese.

Since Friday, two men have to take responsibility for 3rd Penal Chamber at District Court of Munich I. The prosecutor's office puts you in heavy gang ft. Between end of July and end of September 2016, in a total of six cases, y are expected to have captured more than 55 000 euros in total number of watches of Rolex company. In addition to Antanztrick, defendants were also successful in investigating trick. In doing so, a perpetrator appeals to victim and asks to be allowed to take a joint photograph. At moment when y are close enough to each or, perpetrator attacks. Eir after a purse or after an expensive wristwatch.

The public prosecutor's office has also charged Mohammed B. and Karim B. for serious robbery. Because y should have agreed to use violence if necessary, dance or trick should fail. So about September 29th, 2016. In Schwanthaler Street, men were to be a heavily drunk wiesn visitor, who was on way home, whose Rolex watch was torn by wrist.

The most expensive wristwatch has captured duo according to charges in front of a club at Lenbachplatz. A Hublot watch worth 23 000 euros. Both Mohamed B. and Karim B. did not give any information about accusations at start of process.


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