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Football and nausea

Giving power to a group of criminals, also called Ultras, has dramatic consequences

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Football and nausea

There are days when football causes nausea. We collect: Last Saturday several fans (call m finance so because book of style of this newspaper is very strict with insults) invaded lawn of Olympic of London indignant by march of his team, West Ham, which goes flirting with positions of Descent. The players, little inclined to be beaten, pushed out some of invaders, as a self-defense. The English federation does not usually walk with gingerbreads before events like this, so it is to be supposed that it will take exemplary measures as long as its concern for famous yellow bow of Guardiola allows it.

That same Saturday, on this side of channel of La Mancha, dozens of fans (condemned style book...) of Lille jumped to grass with aim of attacking ir players. These, fearful of being lynched, fled to race before that invasion of Barbarians, to those who did not without effort managed to contain police. It was Lille a set called to do great things at beginning of season, but only because in his bench sat so acclaimed Marcelo Bielsa, whom club stopped cheering at four months, time it took to dismiss him.

Let's keep going around Europe. It occurred to referee of party between PAOK and AEK, of Greek League, to cancel a goal to first of m and grass jumped not a furious swell but very president of PAOK, who threatened referee of death in a gesture that might seem a bravado if it were not Because individual (damned style book...) carried a pistol to belt. The referee took refuge in his wardrobe, as if to not shelter, and after two hours of deliberation decided to change his verdict and take goal valid, as not to give. In view of facts, Greek government, without waiting for country's football federation to convene a meeting to convene a commission to convene Parties not without first convening a group of experts who have no one left to convene , which is what is done in Spain, has decided to suspend entire league until furr orders.

This is, by way of summary, world football panorama, wrapped in dirt and blood. In that scenario, PSG, that rich club that has gone through arc of triumph all financial laws, he goaded, incited and pushed his henchmen, also called Ultras, to that for civil or criminal made life impossible to Madrid in his recent visit to Paris . They tried nice boys to Blow bugle, fire and bile. Obliged is not known by whom, or pushed by fear, a group of players of French club had to well receive a delegation of fanatics, which certainly will come well to one of those players to relate such a meeting in ir expected memories : "The day I met with a few disturbed ones," could hold corresponding chapter.

We believed that inventory of excesses of French club was complete when we had breakfast with news, published by L'Equipe, that a leader of entity had asked police authorities that bus from Madrid to go to stadium without escort. No case was made of course, but strange thing is that this guy (and Dale with book of Style...) is not in front of a judge or, failing that, in a health center enabled for extreme cases. Not to mention that PSG is explained or its expulsion from European competitions is taking longer.

The West Ham, Lille, Greece, PSG... No one is free from attack of pack. Neir is Spanish football, in which we have just lived death of a Ertzaina, strucked by a heart attack while trying to quell battle between Russian criminals and, do not forget, criminals of Herri Norte, angelic support group Athletic who campaigns to his Wide by St. Mamas because that's what Athletic wants. And it is no more to remember, in line with what happened with PSG, which a few weeks ago part of staff of Seville received a gang of cheerful and peaceful girl of Biris. Out re you start, listening, attending and giving power to ultras, and it ends as it ends, with world football in hands of a gang of criminals, whom we would call sons of bitches if it were not because book of style forbids.


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