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For the end of impunity

The International Criminal Court put into practice the first attempt at Universal Justice twenty years ago

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For the end of impunity

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has served twenty years. The Rwandan genocide and Balkan War advised establishment of temporary tribunals to prosecute main perpetrators of massacres. In this context, ICC was born permanently, responding to dream of universal justice and demand for end of impunity in any corner of world. Torpedoed by great Powers, who are also part of UN Security Council (China, Russia and United States), balance of ir action is full of frustrations. The impossible reparation of victims of Central African Republic leader Jean-Pierre Bemba, condemned by ICC to 18 years of prison, is only one of m. But it is a great conquest of human rights.

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Its existence is a threat against any attempt to commit crimes against humanity and even to invade a country; A crime that has just been incorporated into your jurisdiction. It's a historical fact. Only Nuremberg Tribunal could pursue a crime of such a nature.

During se two decades, modest judicial machinery — for sought-after objective — with headquarters in The Hague has suffered all sorts of political obstacles that have obliged him, for moment, to focus almost exclusively on his action in African countries that do not have Solvent institutions to pursue savage and massive aggressions. In 2012 he dictated his first sentence: Congolese warlord and child soldier recruiter Thomas Lubanga. Today he is trying to investigate crimes committed in Georgia, Afghanistan or Palestine.

With all its limitations, ICC has consolidated sexual assault as a war crime and is a reference for peace and justice to be preserved and perfected. The task done is important. The one left to do, huge.

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