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For Venezuelans

The Sakharov Prize vindicates a democratic and united Venezuela

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For Venezuelans

The surrender yesterday by European Parliament of Sakharov Prize of freedom of conscience to Venezuelan opposition sends a double message. On one hand, that Europe unconditionally supports Venezuelan politicians involved in democratization of country; Secondly, that way out of difficult situation in Venezuela goes by respecting legality, freeing political prisoners, restoring National assembly and convening free elections.

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It is very significant that prize was collected by two political posts arbitrarily stripped of powers for which y were elected. This is Julio Borges, president of National Assembly illegally degraded by a constituent chamber elected in an irregular way at will of chavismo in an election without guarantees, and of Antonio Ledezma, mayor of Caracas and political prisoner who was exiled in November after he managed to flee house arrest to which he had been confined after his passage through prison. Both are proof that Maduro despises popular will when he does not fold to his desires.

Undoubtedly will be better luck mayors elected in municipals of last Sunday in which Chavismo obtained 90% of 335 mayors of country. A measure of officialism boycotted by most of democratic opposition, with a participation that barely reached 47.5% of electoral census.

In this context re is revelation, today in country, of a great corruption scandal in which political leaders and managers of state oil company PDVSA are allegedly involved.

In Venezuela's terrible political, economic and social framework, only thing that has occurred to Maduro is to threaten opposition by not allowing it to be presented to presidential elections of 2018. Their solution to problems is to prepare ir re-election without opposition candidates.

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