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Francisco Gonzalez: "In the future there will be new jobs that today we cannot even imagine"

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Francisco Gonzalez: "In the future there will be new jobs that today we cannot even imagine"

Francisco González: "BBVA will be a software firm'

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The annual meeting of International Advisory Committee of Monetary Authority of Singapore, which form part of president of BBVA, Francisco González, as only Spanish representative, has focused its debate this year in issues related to technological transformation of financial services, or how it is affecting (and will affect) technological revolution to jobs.

In this line, Gonzalez has defended technological revolution as an "extraordinary opportunity", but points to necessity of carrying out a "active management of changes that it implies" in addition to ensuring " transfer to all of society of its benefits, advantages and possibilities".

"In future re will be new jobs that today we cannot even imagine it" - has underlined director of entity. In addition, he has persevered in fact that, despite being a long process, if it invests "in human capital" and promote "active employment policies", todo procedure will result "in a greater social welfare".

The highest representative of BBVA has also wanted to highlight that in societies with higher level of technological development, such as Japan or Singapore, have unemployment rates very low. "The robots, artificial intelligence or big data will replace some positions, but it will create or better", has defended.

finally, Gonzalez has sentenced that digitization is unstoppable, and that progress of new technologies brings about all advantages, using as an example his own experience at forefront of BBVA: "In terms of customer test our applications, because re is no going back". "In July, for first time sold more than a million units in a month for digital channels, and also in July we surpassed 20 million digital consumers," he adds.


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