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Freedom wins in Ireland

The referendum called by the government annuls the constitutional amendment prohibiting abortion

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Freedom wins in Ireland

The cause of women's freedom to be able to decide on ir pregnancy has had a long-awaited triumph in Ireland. The referendum convened on Friday by government with support of main political forces has sanctioned elimination of amendment of Constitution that since 1983 forbade abortion in any case, including cases of rape, incest or serious Malformation of fetus. It puts an end to one of most restrictive laws that forced women to abort in hiding, with consequent health and legal risk, or to travel to United Kingdom to do so. With a wide margin (66.4% for and 33.6% against) The citizenry has now decided to lift barriers to abortion and allow Parliament to decide details of law that should decriminalize it.

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Ireland takes a big leap (24/05/2015)

The Irish Government must be congratulated for its bravery in dealing with a question that has always been of high political risk. And also for novel process of deliberative democracy used for it. Parliament agreed to set up a citizens ' assembly to discuss different social issues, including possible regulation of abortion. It was attended by a hundred people representing different segments of opinion. The opinion issued proposes a regulation enabling abortion by free decision of women until 12th week of gestation and reafter, until 24 weeks, when certain assumptions are given.

The result has shown that influence of Catholic Church is rapidly declining in Ireland. In May 2015, homosexual marriage was also approved in referendum for 62% of votes. Now, anor referendum has made it possible to end Irish exception and recognize a right that gives women freedom to stop pregnancy, respecting of course those who for religious reasons believe y should never do so.

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