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Getting Franco out of the valley of the fallen is at your fingertips

Democracy lasts longer than dictatorship, but it still has important debts to pay

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Getting Franco out of the valley of the fallen is at your fingertips

The arrival of PSOE to government has opened door to a dozen changes of enormous relevance that it presented as initiatives of opposition and that, suddenly, are here, at fingertips. One of most symbolic is to remove bones of Franco from valley of Fallen, a historical debt with Spanish society that, although late, can finally arrive.

Spanish democracy has lasted for a long time longer than Franco's dictatorship, but it still has outstanding subjects. Many are still reluctant to overcome black stage and to process it jointly and maturely in line with what y have done Germany, South Africa or countries of Sourn Cone. In Spain, as in USSR, dictator defeated and imposed his silence or his truth and executed were left in gutters while he rests almost 43 years after his death in a monument managed by a prior Benedictine of early authoritarians in tune with his tenant princ Ipal. Therefore law of historical memory that PSOE presented in December in Congress and that government veto has now a huge opportunity.

The draft seeks to Refomar law of 2007 of Government of Zapatero to resolve with force outstanding issues that we should have already been able to settle: nullity of sentences for ideological reasons in trials of Francoism; Personal reparation and recognition to victims; The creation of a truth commission to prepare a final report on human rights violations; The search for and exhumation of more than 100,000 reprisals, a task that today does not have a budget and has remained practically in hands of private initiative; The withdrawal of mortal remains of Franco from valley of fallen and conversion of this monument into a national center of memory of victims of Civil war.

The project is ambitious, but basic in a democracy, and can concite at least same majority as motion of censure that ended Government of Rajoy. Citizens will have occasion to portray mselves and also a Popular party that claimed economic hardship to veto it in Congress.

The new government has ahead a list of more than 60 vetoes imposed by former Executive for budgetary reasons to curb projects of n opposition. The Constitutional Court in April toppled this formula that massively employed PP, but Congress ' lawyers have recently rejected revision of all se block vetoes. "We can not go from hunger to lust", said yesterday a member of PSOE. For this reason, new executive is planning to unblock m gradually and put back on agenda issues, such as this proposition of historical memory law.

The PP considered that this law would cost more than 200 million in exhumations and compensations and claimed se economic reasons to block it. But it is advisable to repay debt with victims ' children before y die as well. And if argument on right is money, know that taking remains of Francisco Franco will be almost free. Or will y dare to defend survival of dictator's mausoleum?

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