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Good Brexit for the EU

The pact on the departure of the United Kingdom breaches the promises segregationist

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Good Brexit for the EU
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The principle of agreement on Brexit — withdrawal that will harm everyone — is very positive for European Union. Its negotiators, led by Michel Barnier, have managed to guarantee maximum continuity in civil and social rights of ir citizens living in United Kingdom and ir families.

They have made sure that British withdrawal does not damage Ulster intercommunication with Republic of Ireland, which would harm this and bring situation back to years of lead of terrorism, prior to holy coming agreements. And y have made plenary in fixing of financial invoice that London will have to pay to leave, for committed expenses pending and for projects to be carried out, in a net amount that will oscillate between 45 billion of euros and 60,000, its initial calculation.

So even if future loss of a key partner of Community Club is not good news, it is at least leaving things ordered for those most affected, with sufficient jurisdictional guarantees, and having borne ir obligations.

However, it does not seem that British negotiator, David Davis, can feel satisfied with this initial pact. Which is explained in large part by extreme parliamentary vulnerability, scarce intellectual scale and political fragmentation of government to which it belongs.

Where Brexit clan promised ir freedom to spare or Europeans based on island, it has had to accept eternal validity of current Community legislation for continental residents in ir territory. And what is of even heavier digestion: assignment of all possible disputes to EU Court of Justice until date of withdrawal; and duty of ir domestic judges to respect Luxembourg resolutions in this respect, later.

where ( complementary ones) Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson claimed that departure from Europe would benefit kingdom with 18.2 billion euros per year (by counting end of British only gross contribution of 350 million weekly, without estimating return of Subsidies and European projects in ir territory), will be in position of telling truth: y must pay more than 45 billion, confirming that y deceived ir constituents, who promised a positive balance.

And where Prime Minister Theresa May was betting on leaving internal market and customs union in a hard Brexit ("Brexit is Brexit," he said, tautological), he now obliges — to keep Ulster in his bosom — to a virtual frontier. Which de facto implies a huge permeability, if not total, with European internal market.

It is to be desired that European Council should take up this agreement next week and start negotiations for final phase, and refore always more difficult, of pact: design of a new bilateral statute. If parliamentarians and British citizens realize that agreement will always be worse than y already had (for example,) sovereign Faculty of legislating), will have a golden opportunity: to retire ir leaders and stay in Union, which is ir natural house.

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