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Goodbye to Artur Mas

The departure of the inspiring or actors of the nonsense may be the beginning of a correction to be held

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Goodbye to Artur Mas

The resignation of Artur Mas, president of Generalitat who, besieged by economic crisis and cases of corruption in his party, began turn towards independence until it was outlawed and crashing against article 155, is first consistent sign of disbanded, of visibility of internal fractures that begin to obliterate independence front and, probably, beginning of withdrawal of a generation of politicians responsible for provisional loss of autonomy of Catalonia.

As a convergence leader I United began shift towards radical positions when he was cornered by protesters who in 2011 surrounded Parlament in protest against cuts and corruption in his party. Since n he changed his speech, abandoned story of austerity and embraced independence and clash with state. I challenge State with unilateral consultation and despised possibility of an agreement to deepen autonomy, posing a regime of bilaterality that state could not accept.

The gradual loss of votes in each electoral call did not arredró him, but he was radicalizing and increasingly submitting to requirements of ERC and n CUP. These forced ir departure two years ago when accusations of corruption against ir party spread. Artur Mas was n at head of PDeCat, successor party of CFU, as like by Carles Puigdemont in elaboration of his candidacy for 21-D that has barely survived electoral appointment.

Condemned by consultation of 9-N and with his house seized by judicial case against him, Artur Mas withdraws after expressing its discrepancy with strategy of Carles Puigdemont and a few days after sentence of case Palau.

Mas desertion is strongest symptom exhibited by independence front of fracture and possible disbanding of its leaders. The former Conseller Mundó's has renounced first political line, Carme Forcadell is reluctant to chair Parlament, as y are asking those who want to support institutions symbolically as y were before implementation of 155, and in negotiations Of future is on table resignation of several elected deputies tried or fled not to lose majority.

In context of return to normalcy after institutional coup that tried to give independence in autumn, departure of inspiring or actors of nonsense can be beginning of a correction to be celebrated.

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