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Google Pixel 2: Artificial intelligence first, hardware second

Two new pixel smartphones, two new home speakers and earphones that can simultaneously translate: This is how Google will finally conquer people's everyday lives.

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Google Pixel 2: Artificial intelligence first, hardware second
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  • Page 2 — no dual camera, but pressure-adjustable frame
  • Page 3 — Pixelbook, pixel buds and a lapel camera
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    "Hardware is hard" is a slogan in technical industry. And hardly any hardware market is as hard as cophones. While Apple, Samsung and Huawei are world's Geschäftdominieren, it is more difficult than ever to build a profitablesSmartphonegeschäft for or manufacturers.

    Google tries it anyway. At HeutigenMittwoch, company has introduced second generation of SeinerPixel smartphones as well as new smart speakers and laptops. As CEO Sundar Pichai said at beginning of performance in San Francisco, started was very satisfied with development of his hardware since last year – vonGoogle pixels over Chromecast and GoogleWiFi – and wanted to pursue this strategy furr.

    A few weeks ago, Google also took over smartphone division of weakening manufacturer HTC for $1.1 billion. Their approximately 2,000 employees are expected to develop smartphones that are not only commissioned by Google at well-known manufacturers. But officially by Google Gebautsind.

    Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

    One advantage of takeover of HTC: DerHersteller already had contacts with Google. So came pixel smartphones from last year from HTC. The pixel 2 sets Zusammenarbeitfort. It follows industry trends: five-inch display is now taking up more, but frame has become narrower. Compared to SamsungsGalaxy S8 or upcoming iphone x but are visible above and below still etwasgrößere edges.

    The larger Pixel 2 XL, on or hand, was created in cooperation with LG. With its six-inch display at a resolution of 2,880 times 1,440 pixels, it is an alternative in so-called Phablet market and is thus incompeting with Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, Huawei's upcoming mate 10 or IPhone8S.

    The back remains... A matter of taste. © Stephen Lam/Reuters

    As far as technology is concerned, BeideModell are up to date. Both run with current Snapdragon 835Prozessor and have four gigabytes of memory and optionally 64 oder128 gigabytes of flash memory. Only headphone jack has to search buyers in vain: Although last year Google has mocked ApplesEntscheidung, no more to build a jack socket in iphone, has company has now also bowed to this trend. EsStereolautsprecher for supposedly better sound.

    Both models are shipped with latest Android 8.0 (Oreo). The buyers get future updates fastest, promises Google. As leaks have shown in past few days, home screen has been revised: Google, which company has placed on its own smartphones of course prominently, is now on UnterenBildschirmrand. At top, users can view a widget, Dassihnen context-based information such as calendar entries or traffic situation.


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