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Government time

Parties must already devise a plan to meet the King's appeal

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Government time
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We collect here editorials on Catalan independence challenge

The insurrectional plan of independence is advancing at all pace following a road map marked long ago without government side raising any initiative to stop it.

King Felipe VI defended on Tuesday prestige of crown and his own with a clear appeal to " responsibility of legitimate powers of State" to ensure " constitutional order". Faced with an "extreme gravity" situation, monarch offered all " absolute guarantee of our rule of law in defence of his freedom and his rights."

It is now up to government, mainly, but also opposition, to develop a plan that offers a way to restore state of law committed by king and to return peace to Catalan and Spanish society as a whole. The appearance of those "legitimate" powers quoted by monarch and personalized mainly in Rajoy and his government, but also in main forces elected by citizens in Parliament, particularly PSOE, is urgent to try Find lost runway.

We live a moment of exceptional gravity in which Popular party, as most voted and ruling party, but also Socialist Party and or forces with parliamentary representation defending our constitutional regime have to take a step to Front to design that plan, group around it and close door to any fissure that can continue to escape already touched stability. Rajoy cannot follow profile four days after day of October 1 and four days from date indicated for Declaration of Independence. The Socialist Party cannot continue in constant contradiction, saying to support on one hand constitutional order while defending an inconcrete dialogue and without preconditions with those instigating insurrection and promoting, at same time, a Incomprehensible and clumsy reproach of vice president of government.

The priority is only one se days, and that is how all parliamentarians should understand it: to re-establish constitutional order; And only from that restoration work to reform it, re yes, with discrepancies, with proposals and counterproposals, but within democratic framework sealed by votes of Spaniards, including Catalans. The Constitution is fulfilled, even to reform it, but it is not negotiated, and no one is qualified to do so.

24 hours after King's Speech, Puigdemont appeared to redouble his challenge to state. The President — emboldened in forms and content — led a message in which, as if he were already head of a budding state, and pretending to speak on behalf of all Catalan people, rebuked to Philip VI: "Not so," he said, him having disappointed C Atalanes. A new episode in staging of institutional rupture. Behind lure of dialogue he offered, Puigdemont confirmed that he will not move a millimeter from his independentist roadmap. His script is written. The king's too. It is time for government, supported by PSOE and citizens, to design, display and implement ir plan.

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