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Gram began to rise to the golden day

In Istanbul Grand Bazaar, the gram of gold is traded at 152.4 pounds. Quarter Gold 250 in the Grand Bazaar, the Republic gold 1,019 pounds sold.

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Gram began to rise to the golden day

At Istanbul Grand Bazaar, price of six grams was balanced at level of 152.4 lira following start of day with Ascension.

Yesterday, price of six grams of following, buying a weighted cruise, received a 0.22 per cent value after seeing highest 152.8 lira in day, and completed 151.9 pounds of day.

  • The price of gram of gold, after start of increase since time of 10.15 percent of 0.3 increase in buyer finds 152.4 pounds, Grand Bazaar in quarter of 250 lira, Republican gold is sold from 1,019 pounds.

The price of gold affected by loss of dollar in global markets has been carried out since beginning of week. The ounce price of gold is traded at 1,298 dollars in Asian markets after testing 1,300 dollars in following minutes, with an increase of 0.32 per cent compared to previous closure.

  • AA Financial analyst Islam Meme said that global markets are focusing on inflation data in September, which will be announced today in United States.

Meman stated that dollar has lost value in global markets after U.S. central Bank (Fed) meeting reports, which was described earlier today, and that it supports price of gold ounce.


Economy monthly highest Real return bullion was in gold

New era under economy cushion

Gold imports in economy was 28.5 tons in September


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