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Gram Gold at the Grand Bazaar 147 lira level

On yesterday, the gold, which completed at 146 lira level, began on October 6th. In Istanbul Grand Bazaar, the gram of the 24-carat gold bullion Day has completed 0.55 percent of 147.20 pounds. And how much gold, gram gold and Republican gold prices in the Grand Bazaar, the heart of the gold market? Here are the details...

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Gram Gold at the Grand Bazaar 147 lira level

The prices of quarter gold and or gold types at Istanbul Grand Bazaar are in our news.

In Istanbul Grand Bazaar, gram of 24-carat gold bullion Day has completed 0.55 percent of 147.20 pounds. Istanbul Grand Bazaar, today in closing quarter gold 241.00 Lira, Republic gold sold from 985.00 lira, while price of gram of 24-carat gold, according to yesterday's close 0.55 percent of increase was traded from 147.20 pounds.

How much is a quarter of gold?

The gold types bought and sold at Istanbul Grand Bazaar, as of previous and today closing prices (TL) are as follows:

Thursday, Friday

Buying sales Buying Sales


24 Carat gold bullion (gr.) 146.20 146.40 147.00 147.20 Republic Ata lira 963.00 980.00 969.00 985.00 22 carat Bracelet (gr.) 133.00 137.00 134.00 138.00 Lira (full) ziynet 941.00 960.00 947.00 966.00 half zinet 471.00 481.00 473.00 483.00 Quarter ziynet 235.00 240.00 236.00 241.00

What's kilograms of gold?

Borsa Istanbul precious metals and precious stones Market (KMTP), kilograms of gold rose to 147 thousand 450 lira.

In gold market, 11 million 914 thousand 584.31 pounds in 13 transactions and 53 million 425 thousand 404.50 dollars in 25 transactions were recorded in transaction volume.

In silver market, in 1 transaction, 11 thousand 861.78 pounds and a transaction volume of 267 thousand 976.47 dollars was seen in 1 transaction.


The most traded institutions in Gold Exchange today are Kuwait Turkish participation Bank, Rona dövi̇z and Precious mad., Troy Precious mine, Güneşgil jewellery export import, nadırır currency and precious mad.

Bast Gold index lost 1.09 percent compared to previous closure.

The data for today's transactions are as follows:

TL/KG dollar/ounce EURO/ounce

Previous closing 146,740.00 1,279.00 1,093.35

From 146,410.00 1,265.00 A

Highest 147,600.00 1,278.70

Close 147,450.00 1,265.00

Weighted average 147,373.59 1,269.54

Transaction quantity (Kg.) 80.85 1,308.91

Number of transactions 13 25

Transaction volume (TL-dollar-euro) 11,914,584.31 53,425,404.50

Total transaction Quantity (KG) 1,389.76


Total number of transactions 38

Gold Index Previous closing 2,940.91

Gold Index today's closing 2,908.71

Gold index Change (%)-1.09

Agricultural Bank, gold bonds and under-based lease certificate transactions started

By undersecretariat of Treasury, gold bonds and under-based lease certificate operations initiated to gain economy of gold under pillow can be made from branches of Ziraat Bank. In a written statement from TC Ziraat Bankasi Aş General Directorate, Gold Bonds and gold-based lease certificate of customers, under pillow, without risk of loss-ft, without chance to invest in State assurance The possibility of converting and thus economy of country to create a significant amount of resources was expressed.


Customers who will receive gold bonds and under-based lease certificate were stated to be 1 net per cent for period of 6 months and 2.40 per cent revenue annually. Agricultural bank, which will be made without any expense of state guarantee Branches and transaction dates are as follows: Develi branch 09-11 October, Talas branch 12-13 October, Melikgazi branch 16-20 October, Kocasinan branch 16-20 October, Melikgazi Erciyes Branch from October 23-27.

Gold imports were 28.5 tons in September

Turkey's gold imports were 28.5 tons, showing a 21 percent increase in September compared to previous month.

According to stock exchange Istanbul precious metals and precious stones market data, in August, 23.5 tons of gold imports increased by 21 percent in September to 28.5 tonnes. Turkey's gold imports were 4 times in September compared to same period last year.


Gold imports amounted to 290 tons in 9 months of year, and about 3 times total of last year was imported in gold. Turkey's gold imports were 106.2 tons in total in 2016.

According to Borsa Istanbul Precious metals market data, gold imports on a monthly basis as of 2016 and 2017 years are as follows (kg):

  • Year 2016 2017
  • January 1,040.62 10,037.27
  • February 1,265.91 18,026.82
  • March 1,677.77 28,381.78
  • April 3,227.64 23,942.79
  • May 9,513.90 48,012.79
  • June 9,492.91 46,390.18
  • July 4,401.22 62,852.69
  • August 5,654.45 23,538.91
  • September 7,100.26 28,526.79
  • October 18,201.01
  • November 7,955.91
  • December 36,661.47
  • Total 106,193.08 289,710.02


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