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Grave Setback of Iceta

The PSOE must oppose pardon for respect to justice and its voters

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Grave Setback of Iceta

The message launched by Catalan socialist leader Miquel Iceta in midst of election campaign is a rule-wide attack on state's efforts to restore normalcy and respect for laws that procés blew up. If to "close wounds", as willfully explains Iceta, it is necessary to pardon independentists now persecuted by justice, message is crisp, and alarming: judges and police are miserably wasting time trying to enforce a law That it is known in advance that one can violate with impunity.

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The application and defense of law have had a high cost for Spanish state and Constitutionalist forces. The secessionist challenge and its social and economic consequences, judicial persecution of crimes committed and skillful propaganda of independence have eroded external image of Spain. The defense of rule of law, sometimes unfriendly against this supposed democratic revolution of smiles, has, on contrary, launched a crucial message, one of a democracy: political aspirations of each one must always go under Legality. This is only possible position to restore future coexistence in Catalonia and to reinforce Spanish democracy.

Iceta's proposal contains two thick-gauge torpedoes against two basic pillars of a democracy. Torpedea principle of separation of powers because it disqualifies or makes performance of justice inoperative and fulminating principle of equality before law because it distinguishes crimes "of political origin", worthy of measures of grace. All work initiated by constitutionalism, overthrown in favour of a reckless, inopportune electoral tactics and whose electoral profitability is more than debatable.

Iceta weakens constitutional front and puts PSOE in a difficult juncture. The Socialist Party should not only not endorse with its silence or its lukewarmness idea of pardon, but is obliged to reject it forcefully for loyalty to justice, its own constitutional commitment and its electorate throughout Spain. This is No time for ambiguity. The procés has had a virtue: it has generated a new political conscience against traditional complacency of Spanish left towards peripheral nationalism. The PSC returns, however, to walks after severe fracture led by those who now want to see pardons. What happened in Catalonia shows that so-called "moderate sovereignty" is a entelechy. Playing that card is a big mistake.

pardons depend on discretion of Government of duty, so ir adoption should be an uncommon measure that appreciates personal and cyclical situations of very extraordinary condemned. It is an interference in separation of powers which, fortunately, Spain is increasingly less applicable. At moment, important thing is to let Justice go, investigating some prosecuted for serious crimes, such as rebellion, sedition and embezzlement of public funds. In political terms, what Catalonia needs are proposals that avoid stumbling back to same stone. Not opposite.

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Faith of Errors

In original version, title spoke of "stumbles" when right thing is "setback".


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