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Gürtel, PP and state

The prosecution exhibits an independence of criterion that contrasts with the elimination of the Division of powers projected by the independenceists

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Gürtel, PP and state

The Catalan independence challenge is coinciding in time with one of significant achievements of justice. While bloc secessionist rants against rule of law and Spanish democracy, national audience works to bring down weight of law on prominent leaders of People's Party, now in power. On Tuesday, two anti-corruption prosecutors, in a boast of independence, presented ir findings in oral trial of core case of Gürtel corruption plot. They call for various and harsh penalties against 37 defendants and sentencing of PP as a lucrative participant in corrupt system, a party on which, according to Public Prosecutor's Office, has been accredited to use a box B.

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The Gürtel case is one of biggest and most shameful scandals of political corruption in this country. But it is also sample of correct functioning of a rule of law in which neir grosser political maneuvers have been able to twist arm to justice. In a couple of weeks, trial started a year ago (and in which Mariano Rajoy appeared as a witness) will be seen for sentencing. But Justice Steamroller will continue to work on anor nine separate pieces of plot with anor 140 accused and with PP as a central party of bribery, cofacte and corruption several cases.

The summary of piece that is now judged has a million folios and has been necessary 147 rogatory commissions. But, in addition, in se eight years of research, audience has perfected ir task to improve judicial cooperation (data from Switzerland and Andorra have been crucial) and use of bank data to fence corruption.

This same national audience is one who has remanded independent leaders Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart to jail. Those who are now in independence bloc and can be described as political prisoners and talk about ending government repression extend torticeramente suspicion about justice and thus on democratic quality of this country. Spanish justice may be mistaken, but sometimes as it demonstrates its independence from political power and full and exemplary validity of rule of law and separation of powers.

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