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Hands up: The lottery is a holdup

The state inculcates the gambling and superstition of heavenly money with an institutional scam sweetened with the angelic voices of the Children of St. Lldefonso

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Hands up: The lottery is a holdup

This Friday comes lottery hype to Teatro Real with suggestion of a symbol totemic. And as if lodging between walls of Lyric temple brought solemnity to swindle of state. And as if Children Singers of San Ildefonso — boys and girls, of all races, in a covert dramaturgy — Revistieran of candor and purity an institutional larceny manifesto.

And it does not aspire one to become Mr. Scrooge by mapsalmodying to neighbor magic numbers nor anessia of benefactor cabalist, but it is advisable to disdeceive naive citizen of his hypnosis and expectation: Sepal, he will not touch lottery.

And why won't he touch him, if Angelos of San Ildefonso, Pulquérrimos, unable to steal in brush, and not in Carrefour, are distributing hyperbolically money number to number, hopper to Hopper, harnessing Euros like manna in wasteland?

It is not true that lottery will fall in Leganés or Valladolid, as is usually said in this tantalizing identification of city and administration that has distributed a number. The lottery does not fall very distributed, but very restricted. And lottery doesn't cover holes. That's job of gravediggers. The lottery covers holes of state and ears of viewers.

We mentioned Gravedigger, and Montoro appears to us. The Undertakerde a western film. The type Facineroso and lanky that takes advantage of stupor, feelings and faith milagrera ors to make box. Box we said. And Caja ago on December 22, extorting award-winning few — could be figurative — with a voracious tax, added 20%.

Added because lottery is itself a collecting mechanism and a great pyramid scam that organizes state and that envelops State itself in propaganda of hope, illusion and superstition. It makes us dream of Spaniards as it made neighbors of Villar del Río dream of providential expectation of Mr. Marshall.

The state must be recognized for honesty of this issue. and publicity campaign. It doesn't lead to ambiguity. The lottery needs a supernatural stimulus to become flesh. He doesn't play lottery, but he has to pretend he does. The lottery thus degenerates in a cruel and immoral game. A Christmas Carol.

Because a story is placebo of lottery. The state instills it, recipe, imposes it, from a position of cultural, institutional, advertising abuse. And it encourages religion of gambling in a particularly gullible and miracle people, to extent that remedy to disappointment of anor unrewarding year — payout and reinstatement equals anorgasmia, to a vacuum consolation prize — is blind trust in Child lottery.

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