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He hasn't given up for 20 years

A farmer, nicknamed Eko Dede in Suruc district of Sanliurfa, says how the pomegranates can reach without using any pesticides for nearly 20 years.

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He hasn't given up for 20 years

The 65-year-old retired teacher Ibrahim Halil Akçakar, who has grown pomegranate for nearly 20 years in field of Suruc County Aybastan District, offers its guests pomegranate. In two acres of land, which has been named "Eco Park" for years, it is called a variety of ways to learn how to cultivate fruit in natural ways.

Ibrahim Halil Akkadeşi is trying to protect growing fruit by passing a bag while in last period. While not selling pomegranate, only one who offers people who come to visit Adası, also presents citizens fruit seedlings.

He's been doing his own research for 20 years.

Eko Dede nicknamed Ibrahim Halil Adaklali, for nearly 20 years, explores how natural product can be grown. "I am Eko Dede, who makes applications on 2 acres of land. Each region is known for its own ingenuity. I've been working on fruit and or plants for research purposes in this two-acre eco Park for 20 years. My goal here is to feed people with taste of natural fruit. I give people saplings. So it's a service to humanity. In doing this work, days of pomegranate harvest are important. My main goal is to cultivate and harvest with natural taste of Allah, with his physiology. I'm not selling it. I'm getting new friends here, "he said.


"Pomegranate producers are using chemical drugs"

Voicing manufacturer's use of chemical medicine, "Now everyone is taking Narı to market, pomegranate harvest. He's using chemical drugs. I'm getting harvest-time refrigerator bags. I'm having a bag to cover Narn. I'm tying bag with a rope with a handle. I'm going to cut bag to get Narin to get some air. So pomegranate is protected from rain waters. Thanks to this bag that serves as a temporary greenhouse, pomegranate harvest can be delayed for 15 days and cracks that may occur are also prevented. Also with this method, pomegranates naturally taking syrup, maturing. This way pomegranate reaches consistency of full renovation. When we weigh pomegranates that grow in my garden with pomegranate that uses chemical drugs, se pomegranates are heavier, a kilogram comes and can last longer, "he said.


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